Who can be on strata council?

Who can be a member of council? Almost any owner or individual representing a corporate owner can be elected to be a part of a strata council, but there are some exceptions. Tenants who, under section 147 or 148 of the Act, have been assigned a landlord’s right to stand for council may also be a member.

Can a tenant be on strata council in BC?

Cally W., North Vancouver
Yes, tenants can be elected to council if the owner of the strata lot has provided a written assignment of their rights for the purposes of being elected to council.

What is a strata council in BC?

The strata council plays a critical role in governing the strata corporation on behalf of all the strata owners. It carries out the duties and affairs of the strata corporation between general meetings, usually at strata council meetings.

Can strata force you to sell BC?

The current B.C. Strata Property Act says that a strata-owned property can only be sold as a whole if 100 per cent of the owners agree.

How long does an owner have to keep strata minutes in BC?

The strata corporation must keep the following records for at least six years: minutes of annual and special general meetings and strata council meetings, including the results of any votes. books of account showing money received and spent and the reason for the receipt or expenditure.

Can a non owner be on a strata committee?

Answer: It is very common for residents of a lot that are not owners to be members of the Strata Committee. The main reason for this is usually where the apartment is held in a spouses / partners name. There are two ways that a person can be nominated to the Strata Committee: In Writing.

Can a tenant be on a strata committee?

In New South Wales, depending on the circumstances, under the new strata laws, tenants may be able to attend strata meetings. In strata properties where at least half of the lots are tenanted, tenants can also elect a representative to sit on the strata committee.

What makes a good strata council member?

In exercising the powers and performing the duties of the strata corporation, each council member must act honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interests of the strata corporation, and exercise the care, diligence and skill of a reasonably prudent person in comparable circumstances.

Can an owner attend a strata council meeting?

owners may attend strata council meetings as observers only. However they may not attend portions of meetings related to: bylaw enforcement proceedings; rental restriction bylaw exemption hearings; and matters where a person’s privacy would be unreasonably interfered with.

How do I get rid of a strata council member?

As strata councils are democratically elected, they must be democratically removed. Generally, this is done by calling a Special General Meeting and having the owners vote on a resolution to remove the strata council or a strata council member.

Can strata evict an owner?

Section 173 allows the court to make any orders it considers necessary to enforce a strata’s bylaws. Eviction is a remedy that strata may obtain against a tenant (not an owner) under s. 138 of the SPA.

Can you opt out of strata?

A strata scheme may be terminated for a number of reasons including, it is no longer viable or beneficial to residents to be part of a strata scheme, or if the owners corporation decides it would be in the owners interests to redevelop. The termination of a strata scheme requires all owners to be in agreeance.

Do you have to pay strata fines BC?

Owners and landlords can be fined for the conduct of their tenants. The strata corporation (or section) can collect the fine or costs from the tenant, the tenant’s landlord or the owner. If the landlord pays some or all the fines or costs, the landlord can recover the same from the tenant.

What happens if no one wants to be on strata committee?

If there is no strata committee of an owners corporation, the strata scheme must be administered by the owners corporation, but nothing in this subsection prevents a strata managing agent appointed under this Act from exercising any functions conferred on the agent.

Can a proxy be on a strata committee?

A proxy is a person who represents a voter at a general meeting. An owner can make almost anyone their proxy, including a tenant or a member of the strata committee. If you live in a scheme with 20 lots or less, the person you nominate cannot already hold a proxy vote for someone else.

Can strata committee members be paid?

In NSW, strata committee members can be paid for work they’ve done on behalf of the scheme, but only retrospectively.

Should I join strata committee?

If you are after preserving the value of your property, then being in a strata committee helps you ensure that maintenance works are done on time. A well-maintained strata-titled property could result in an improvement in the property’s value. Lastly, joining the committee allows you to show your leadership skills.

How do strata council communicate?

How to Communicate: What Your Strata Council Should Know and Do

  1. Start with a good plan. …
  2. Know what channels your residents want to use – and use them. …
  3. Keep contact information updated. …
  4. Pay attention to tone. …
  5. Let technology work for you. …
  6. Include your renters. …
  7. Make communication a two-way street.

What decisions can strata committee make?

Their core responsibilities include:

  • Sending levy notices.
  • Receipting, banking and recording for any money paid to the owners’ corporation.
  • Preparation of any strata information certificates under section 184.
  • Maintaining all accounting records and preparation of financial statements.

Can strata evict a tenant in BC?

A strata landlord can evict a residential tenant if the tenant repeatedly or continually contravenes a reasonable and significant strata bylaw or rule.

Can strata evict an owner BC?

The strata corporation may be able to evict a tenant who repeatedly breaches reasonable and significant bylaws and rules, if there is serious interference with the rights of another person in the strata development.

How do you get around rental restrictions?

Here are 4 ways to get around rental restriction bylaws

  1. Ensure that your rental restriction bylaws are valid. …
  2. Have someone “house-sit” for you while you are away. …
  3. Rent to family! …
  4. Apply for a hardship exemption.

Do renters pay levies?

* With a rental property, the Levies are usually still paid for by and are the responsibility of the Landlord without reference to the Tenant, unless stated otherwise in the lease.

Is water included in levies?

The Levy covers necessary expenses incurred by the Body Corporate in the administration, upkeep, running and repair of the common property, such as: Rates, Taxes, Gas, Water and Electricity for the Common Property. Insurance, Sewerage, Sanitary and Security for the Common Property.

Can a body corporate evict an owner?

No! There is no provision in the Act or the common law which authorizes a body corporate to evict a tenant or an owner.