How long do you have to keep strata minutes in BC?

The strata corporation must keep the following records for at least six years: minutes of annual and special general meetings and strata council meetings, including the results of any votes. books of account showing money received and spent and the reason for the receipt or expenditure.

Are strata minutes confidential?

Since minutes may be shared with individuals not living in the strata corporation, such as realtors and prospective strata lot owners, it is important that the minimal amount of personal information is disclosed in the minutes.

How do stratas work in BC?

In strata housing, the owners own their individual strata lots and together own the common property and common assets as a strata corporation. Learn more about understanding strata housing. Find out more about living in a strata including a strata bylaws and strata fees.

Do you have to pay strata fines BC?

Owners and landlords can be fined for the conduct of their tenants. The strata corporation (or section) can collect the fine or costs from the tenant, the tenant’s landlord or the owner. If the landlord pays some or all the fines or costs, the landlord can recover the same from the tenant.

Are strata council emails confidential?

If the email contains strata-related information, it cannot remain private. The strata manager presumably is contracted to act on behalf of the strata council and strata corporation.

Can a strata meeting be recorded?

Essentially, the strata manager will need the approval of the owners attending the online meeting, before being able to record the meeting. Section 12 of the Act prohibits the possession of record of a private conversation or activity that has been obtained, directly or indirectly, by the use of a listening device.

What should be included in Strata AGM minutes?

What to include in the minutes

  • The strata corporation’s number.
  • The date, time, and place that the meeting was held.
  • Who was present at the meeting (this includes board members, management representatives, and guest speakers)
  • Indicate that a quorum of the board is present.

How do strata managers make money?

Most strata schemes have quarterly fees, which equate to your share of the cost for maintenance and upkeep. Your total yearly payments should be roughly between 0.8% and 1.2% of the property’s value if your scheme offers additional facilities, and between 0.3% and 0.7% if it doesn’t.

What’s the difference between strata and stratum?

Stratum is a combination of company and strata title; owners have a title but a company owns the common property.

What is a strata manager responsible for?

Strata managers are involved in coordinating the affairs of lot owners including conducting meetings, collecting and banking levies, arranging property maintenance, advising on asset management, placing insurance and keeping financial accounts.

How do I dispute a strata fine in BC?

For a wide variety of strata disputes, your appeal can be filed with the Civil Resolution Tribunal. This is often your best option for quicker and less expensive resolution — it’s done online and you don’t need a lawyer. There are situations where the CRT doesn’t have jurisdiction, and you must go to BC Supreme Court.

Can strata evict an owner in BC?

Section 173 allows the court to make any orders it considers necessary to enforce a strata’s bylaws. Eviction is a remedy that strata may obtain against a tenant (not an owner) under s. 138 of the SPA.

Can strata force you to sell BC?

The current B.C. Strata Property Act says that a strata-owned property can only be sold as a whole if 100 per cent of the owners agree.

Can you record a meeting for minutes?

The record meeting minutes wizard also supports work in progress minutes, allowing pieces of information to be recorded during the intial recording of meeting minutes and updated later after the meeting minutes have been recorded. Meeting minutes can be recorded for a meeting created from user and case calendars.

What is minutes of strata meeting?

The secretary of the strata committee must take minutes at every meeting. They must explain what was discussed and voted on, and the result of each vote. These minutes will be given to all owners within 7 days after the meeting.

What must be maintained on a strata register?

You must record the following information:

  • The strata plan number.
  • The address of the building.
  • The name of the original owner and an Australian address.
  • The name of the strata managing agent (if one exists) and an Australian address.
  • The total unit entitlements for the scheme and each lot.
  • Insurance details.
  • The by-laws.

How much do strata managers earn in BC?

$60,519 per year

The average salary for a Strata Manager is $60,519 per year in Vancouver, BC Area, which is 8% lower than the average FirstService Residential salary of $66,293 per year for this job.

Is strata not for profit?

it is considered to be a non-profit body and its turnover is more than $150,000 (turnover must include levies on unit owners) it is not considered to be a non-profit body and its turnover is more than $75,000 (turnover must include levies on unit owners).

Is Strata Management Hard?

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How do you read strata minutes?

How to approach minutes, in four easy steps:

  1. #1 Read the minutes from oldest to most recent. A minimum of two years is a standard request. …
  2. #2 Be sure to read correspondence closely. …
  3. #3 Request a copy of all current bylaws and rules. …
  4. #4 Request copies of reports.

What is included in Strata minutes?

So what should you include in your strata meeting minutes?

  • Strata corporation number.
  • Date, time, and place that the meeting was held.
  • Who was present at the meeting, including the strata agent if applicable.
  • Adoption of the most recent strata council meeting minutes.
  • Review of the most recent financial statements.

What do you look for in a strata?

Well, here is a look at the strata documents you need to go through!

  • Current Form B. …
  • Insurance Certificate. …
  • Current Financial Statements. …
  • Proposed Annual Budget. …
  • Bylaws and Rules. …
  • Rental Disclosure Statement. …
  • Council Minutes (Including AGM, SGM and Notices) …
  • Strata Plan.

What is the difference between a condo and a strata?

There is no difference. Condominium is the word used for strata properties in other provinces. In B.C., condo or condominium is often informally used to refer to apartment-style housing, as distinguished from townhouse or bare land stratas.

How do I get strata documents in BC?

Order Strata Documents
You can order the official copy of a strata plan by mail or online from LTSA. To order online, register for a myLTSA Explorer account. Learn how unit entitlement is determined or read the Strata Property Act requirements for information about what a strata plan includes.