How much is a notary bond in California?

A notary bond is an essential requirement for individuals who wish to become notaries public in California. It serves as a means of protecting the public from potential errors or misconduct committed by notaries while performing their duties. In this article, we will examine the cost of a notary bond in California and provide insight into the pricing structure.

Cost of a Notary Bond in California

The cost of a notary bond in California can vary depending on the provider and the coverage options included. However, based on general industry information, the typical cost associated with obtaining a notary bond in the state is approximately $50. This bond amount is set by California law and is valid for 4 years.

Importance of the Notary Bond

The notary bond is designed to provide financial protection to the public in the event of negligence or error on the part of the notary. It assures the public that they will be compensated for any damages caused by the notary’s actions.

Considerations for Additional Coverage

While a notary bond is a legal requirement, California notaries may also consider purchasing errors and omissions (E&O) insurance. E&O insurance provides additional protection for notaries against personal liability for errors or omissions made while notarizing documents.

Cost of E&O Insurance

The cost of E&O insurance can vary depending on the amount of coverage and the insurance provider. Several coverage options are typically available, allowing notaries to choose the level of protection that meets their individual needs. It is advisable to carefully evaluate the available options and select a coverage amount that provides adequate protection.

Bottom Line

In California, the cost of a notary bond is approximately $50 for the state-mandated 4-year term. Notary bonds are essential for notaries because they provide financial protection to the public. In addition, notaries may consider purchasing errors and omissions insurance for further personal liability protection. It is important to consult with reputable providers who specialize in notary bonds and related services to ensure compliance with legal requirements and to enhance protection for both notaries and the public they serve.


How much is a notary bond in California?

Notary Surety Bonds The state of California requires every Notary to purchase a $15,000 Surety Bond in order to protect the public financially from the possibility of a negligent mistake or intentional misconduct. As the nation’s Notary bond leader, the NNA is ready to issue your state-required bond.

How much does California notary bond cost?

How much does a notary surety bond cost in California? California notary bonds are issued instantly online for a four-year term and cost $50.

How much does a surety bond cost in California?

0.5% to 3.0%

How Much Do California Surety Bonds Cost? Surety bonds in California typically range in cost from 0.5% to 3.0% of the bond amount or required coverage.

How much do California Notaries make?

California is the highest paying state in the U.S. when it comes to being a notary public. The average salary of a notary public in California is $59,055. Considering the average of the country is roughly $45,000, this is another great reason to become a notary in California.

What happens if I miss filing my notary bond in California?

If you did not file your oath and bond on time, you must reapply to become a notary public.

What is a surety bond California?

A Surety bond is a contract issued by an insurance company that provides a financial guarantee to an interested party (usually a government agency) that a named person or business will adhere to the terms established by the bond.

What do you need to become a notary in California?

Become a Notary Public

  1. be 18 years of age or older (there is no maximum age set by statute)
  2. be a legal California resident.
  3. complete a course of study approved by the Secretary of State.
  4. satisfactorily complete and pass a written examination prescribed by the Secretary of State.
  5. clear a background check.


How much do bonds cost?

On average, the cost for a surety bond falls somewhere between 1% and 15% of the bond amount. That means you may be charged between $100 and $1,500 to buy a $10,000 bond policy. Most premium amounts are based on your application and credit health, but there are some bond policies that are written freely.

What is a bond fee?

Bond Fees means the fees, costs and expenses of the Trustee and Paying Agent, Independent Accountants, Bond Counsel or Registrar incurred by the Issuer including the NDBA Fee in carrying out and administering its powers, duties and functions under this Indenture and the Loan Agreement.

How much do bonds pay?

What interest will I get if I buy an I bond now? The composite rate for I bonds issued from May 2022 through October 2022 is 9.62 percent.

Is the California notary test hard?

California. California has some of the most stringent application requirements for Notaries in the U.S. — including a required education course and background check — and the mandatory exam is among the most challenging in any state.

How long is a notary license good for in CA?

four years

The term of a Notary Public commission is four years, after which you will need to renew your Notary commission.

How much does a mobile notary make in CA?

How much does a Mobile Notary make in California? As of Aug 21, 2022, the average annual pay for a Mobile Notary in California is $77,627 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $37.32 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,492/week or $6,468/month.

How do I get bonded in California?

The bond must be written by a surety company licensed through the California Department of Insurance. The bond must be in the amount of $15,000. The business name and license number on the bond must correspond exactly with the business name and license number on the CSLB’s records.

How do you get a bond?

How to Buy Individual Bonds. Investors can buy individual bonds through a broker or directly from an issuing government entity. One of the most popular cases for buying individual bonds is the ability for investors to lock in a specific yield for a set period of time.

Do you need a surety bond in California?

If you advocate for policyholders with insurance claims in California, you must be bonded. Bonded Web User (BWU) Program participants in California must post a surety bond. Legal document assistants in California must be bonded. In order for an LLC to receive a contractor license, it must obtain a $100,000 surety bond.

Can a California notary accept an expired ID?

In California, any signer ID allowed under CA law must either be current, or, if expired, must have been issued within the past five years. An expired ID that was issued more than five years prior to the date the notarization takes place may not be accepted.

How much is a notary bond in Arizona?

a $5,000

Arizona law requires all Notaries to purchase and maintain a $5,000 Notary surety bond for the duration of their 4-year commission. The Notary bond protects the public of Arizona against any financial loss due to improper conduct by an Arizona Notary.

Which of the following items must be recorded in your permanently bound journal?

Each notary public shall record in such journal the following: the month, day, and year of notarization; the type of notarization such as acknowledgment or jurat; the type of document; the name and address of the signer; the identification used by the signer; the notary fee; and the signature of the signer.

How much is a surety bond in Texas?

Texas Surety Bond Costs

“How much will my surety bond cost?” is one of the most common questions. Bond costs are generally 1-10% of the full bond amount that’s required of you in Texas. So, for example, if you need a $10,000 bond, your costs could be anywhere between $100 – $1,000.

What is a security bond?

Security Bond means a provision of a residential tenancy agreement or a collateral agreement under which a tenant is required to give security for the performance of obligations under a residential tenancy agreement; Sample 1Sample 2Sample 3.

Can you sell a car with a bonded title in Texas?

Can You Sell a Car With a Bonded Title? Yes. Most Bonded Titles stay in effect for three years, so if you choose to sell your car with a Bonded Title before the three years are over, the buyer must continue with the Bonded Title for the remainder of the three years.