Is the security guard test hard?

The questions in the security guard test are set at an intermediate level of difficulty, and are in line with what you would expect from a security guard, so a suitable candidate should not find them difficult.

What is the passing mark for Ontario security guard test?


The licence test fee is $66.50 plus 13 per cent HST for a total of $75.15. Test results will be made available within five business days of completion of the test. The cut score for the security guard test is 62%. All tests must be booked in advance either online, or through a call centre agent.

How hard is the Ontario security guard test?

From what we have seen, most people will pass the Ontario security guard test on their first attempt and some will take 2 attempts. We have rarely seen someone take 3 or more attempts. You would require a 62% to pass the 60 multiple choice (MCQ) Ontario security guard test.

How long is the Ontario security guard test?

90 minutes

Security guard and private investigator tests take place at approximately 30 locations across the province. Tests take 90 minutes and are offered in a paper-and-pencil, multiple-choice format.

How long does it take to train for security?

It takes as little as a week to become a security officer.

The license requires a minimum of 40 hours of professional security training, followed by an exam. Many programs offer ten-hour classes Monday through Thursday for a total of 40 hours.

How do you pass a security test?

10 tips for CompTIA Security+ exam success [updated 2022]

  1. Become familiar with the Security+ exam domains.
  2. Create a study plan.
  3. Take practice exams.
  4. Get plenty of rest.
  5. Get to know your exam.
  6. Leverage free exam-prep resources.
  7. Get involved in an exam prep course.
  8. Join a Security+ online community.

How many times can you take the security exam?

Self-paced eLearning courseware or face-to-face instruction is available. CompTIA Security + does not require any waiting period between the first and second retake. Students must wait 14 days for a third or subsequent retake exam. There is no annual limit on the number of attempts on the same exam.

How much do security guards make per hour in Ontario?

According to the Government of Canada’s wage report (updated on October 1, 2019), hourly pay for security guards ranges from $11.50 to $24.86. The median hourly wage in Canada is $15.96.

Wages in $/hour in Canada.

Province Ontario
Low $14.00
Median $15.00
High $25.00

How much is the Ontario security test?

Each test is CDN $66.50 plus 13% HST for a total of $75.15. The fee includes your test reservation, test administration, and test marking; it does not include the ServiceOntario licensing fee. You must have a valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) to book your test online using this website.

Can I take the security exam online?

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How many questions are on the security exam Ontario?

Tests consist of 60 multiple-choice questions based on topics covered in the basic training courses. You will have 75 minutes to complete each test.

What is a passing grade on security guard test?

The passing mark for the security guard test is 62% (37/60). When you pass, you can apply for the security guard licence.

What score do you need to pass security exam?


Passing score for Security+ exam

The exam is graded on a scale from 100 to 900, with a minimum of 750 to pass.

What is a passing grade for security?

750 out of

What is the Security+ passing score? A passing score is 750 out of 900 possible points.

How long is the security exam?

90 minutes

The allotted time for the exam is 90 minutes. Everyone is different and passing the exam is not about speed. Go into your exam with confidence and answer the questions at a pace that you feel comfortable with, while remembering that the CompTIA Security+ exam consists of a maximum of 90 questions.

How do you study for security?

Take practice exams and review the answers to questions you miss. Practice test questions to figure out your weak areas so you can focus your studies.

Some tips:

  1. Get a good book, like this one from CompTIA.
  2. Take the sample tests over and over until you can comfortably and repeatedly score in the high 80s or 90s.