Which functional organization is responsible for interpretation of OCI requirements?

Which is Oracle responsibility according to the OCI shared security model?

Oracle is responsible for protecting the global infrastructure that runs services offered in OCI. This infrastructure consists of hardware, software, networking, and facilities.

What are OCI functions?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Functions is a serverless platform that lets developers create, run, and scale applications without managing any infrastructure. Functions integrate with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, platform services and SaaS applications.

What functionality lets you review OCI resources by compartment within your current region?

The tenancy explorer lets you view all your resources in a compartment, across all regions in your tenancy.

Which Oracle cloud infrastructure OCI security services should they use?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a cloud-based, Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant, security service that protects applications from malicious and unwanted internet traffic. WAF can protect any internet-facing endpoint, providing consistent rule enforcement across your applications.

Who is responsible for security of Oracle products and services?

Under the management of Oracle’s chief security officer, are responsible for security assurance for Oracle products—the means by which security is built in, not bolted on—and coordination of cross-product security activities. We write and enforce the Oracle secure-coding standards.

What is the customer’s responsibility on the Oracle Cloud infrastructure database system?

You the customer are responsible for the security of your applications at all levels. This responsibility includes Cloud user access to Autonomous Database resources, network access to these resources, and access to database data.

What is the function of Oracle engine?

It is one of the most popular relational database engines in the IT market for storing, organizing, and retrieving data. Oracle database was the first DB that designed for enterprise grid computing and data warehousing.

Which statement is valid for Oracle cloud infrastructure container registry Ocir?

Which statement is valid for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Registry (OCIR)? You can create only private Docker repositories in OCIR. You can create only public Docker repositories in OCIR. A single registry can only contain either private or public Docker repositories.

What is the open source engine for Oracle functions?

Fn Project open source engine

Oracle Functions is a fully managed, multi-tenant, highly scalable, on-demand, Functions-as-a-Service platform. It is built on enterprise-grade Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and powered by the Fn Project open source engine.

Which three components are the part of OCI identity and access management service?

IAM includes the following components: Resource: A resource is an object created in OCI, such as Compute instances, blocks, virtual cloud networks (VCNs), and subnets.

Components of IAM

  • Inspect.
  • Read.
  • Use.
  • Manage.

Which three services integrate with Oracle cloud infrastructure OCI key management?

The Key Management service is integrated with many OCI services, including Block Volumes, File Storage, Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, and Object Storage.

Which features of OCI identity and access management service specifies authorization?

The IAM service feature that enables instances to be authorized actors (or principals) to perform actions on service resources. Each compute instance has its own identity, and it authenticates using the certificates that are added to it.

Who is responsible for protecting Oracle and customers confidential information?

Confidentiality Agreements

Oracle employees are required to maintain the confidentiality of customer data. Employees must sign a confidentiality agreement and comply with company policies concerning protection of confidential information as part of their initial terms of employment.

Who is responsible for Ossa?

Oracle’s Global Product Security promotes and monitors the adoption of Oracle Software Security Assurance (OSSA) policies and practices. These include Oracle Secure Coding Standards (SCS), Critical Patch Update (CPU) and Security Alert programs.

Which central group is responsible for Oracle Ossa standards?

Oracle’s Cryptography Review Board defines and promotes cryptography-related technical standards for Oracle products and services. The group is primarily responsible for making technical decisions and authoring internal standards to address government and industry requirements.

Which three are customer’s responsibilities in the shared responsibilities model for security?

Customers are responsible for managing their data (including encryption options), classifying their assets, and using IAM tools to apply the appropriate permissions.

Which is a valid statement regarding Oracle cloud infrastructure OCI compartments?

Resources can interact with other resources in different compartments. Each resource belongs to a single compartment. Compartments are restricted to a single region. You can give group of users access to compartments by writing policies.

Which OCI service should you use to manage metadata support data governance?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data Catalog is a metadata management service that helps data professionals discover data and support data governance.

What Oracle cloud infrastructure OCI capability provides logical isolation for resources?

Virtual cloud networks provide the first level of network isolation between resources in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. If you have multiple workloads or different departments/organizations, use different VCNs for each to isolate the resources at the network layer.

Which three statements are true about Oracle Cloud infrastructure OCI )?

Which three statements correctly describe attributes of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) compartments? Your tenancy by default comes with a root compartment. Compartments can have sub compartments. Compartments can be used to logically separate OCI resources.