Where was payback filmed?

Production. The film was shot from September to November 1997, in Chicago and Los Angeles, though neither city is referred to in the film. Although credited as director, Brian Helgeland’s cut of the film was not the theatrical version released to audiences.

Are there two versions of the movie Payback?

The theatrical cut is a 90s movie, while the Straight Up edition is a timeless movie. The plot mostly remains intact, but in an attempt to make an accessible film, Paramount and Gibson made a more distancing story.

Who played Rosie in payback?

Maria Bello

Payback (1999) – Maria Bello as Rosie – IMDb.

Did James Coburn star in payback?

Payback (1999) – James Coburn as Justin Fairfax – IMDb.

Where was walking tall The Payback filmed?

British Columbia

The new “Walking Tall” is set in Ferguson, a fictional Kitsap County town in the Washington Cascades. The movie was actually shot in mountainous parts of British Columbia.

Is payback a remake of Point Blank?

It is based on the novel The Hunter by Donald E. Westlake using the pseudonym Richard Stark, which had earlier been adapted into the 1967 film noir classic Point Blank, directed by John Boorman and starring Lee Marvin.

Is payback a good movie?

PAYBACK is a great film, one of the best blockbusters that I’ve seen in recent years, and can easily stand up to repeated viewing.

How many Flint movies were there?


The first of two “Flint’ movies; Coburn refused to make a third, claiming ‘they were too silly’. It’s worth remembering that he also turned down the very successful spaghetti westerns (Fistfull of dollars etc) that brought Clint Eastwood to fame and fortune.

What book is Point Blank based on?

The Hunter

Point Blank is a 1967 American crime film directed by John Boorman, starring Lee Marvin, co-starring Angie Dickinson, Keenan Wynn and Carroll O’Connor, and adapted from the 1963 crime noir pulp novel The Hunter by Donald E. Westlake, writing as Richard Stark.

Which came first Our Man Flint or in like flint?

According to an interview James Coburn did over twenty years after this film’s release, Twentieth Century Fox commissioned this film almost as soon as its predecessor, Our Man Flint (1966), opened, early in 1966 (to big box-office success).

What are the 3 Flint movies?

Our Man Flint movies

  • Our Man Flint: Dead on Target (1976 TV Movie) 77 min | Action, Drama. 4.9.
  • In Like Flint (1967) Unrated | 114 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy. 6.1.
  • Our Man Flint (1966)

Who played a man called Flint?

James Coburn

Our Man Flint is a 1966 American spy-fi comedy film that parodies the James Bond film series. The film was directed by Daniel Mann, written by Hal Fimberg and Ben Starr (from a story by Hal Fimberg), and starred James Coburn as master spy Derek Flint.

Who was in Maverick?

Maverick (film)

Starring Mel Gibson Jodie Foster James Garner Graham Greene James Coburn Alfred Molina
Cinematography Vilmos Zsigmond
Edited by Stuart Baird Mike Kelly
Music by Randy Newman

Does Netflix have Payback?

A crook’s wife and ex-partner steal his heist money and leave him for dead — or so they think. But months later, he’s back and ready for revenge. Watch all you want.

What is the difference between Payback and payback straight up?

Just as this new cut of Payback is drastically different from the original movie, “Payback – Straight Up” is a drastically different DVD release – a release that offers more than just the new movie, but a solid look behind the scenes of the film being made, and remade.