Where can I use flex Ole Miss?

Flex dollars can be used at all Ole Miss Dining locations, all on-campus vending machines, and the Café in the Ole Miss Bookstore. Flex Dollars are restricted to food locations on campus including prepared food locations, vending machines, coffee shops, and convenience stores.

What can flex dollars be used for?

Schools or employers will issue flex dollars for purchasing items such as meals, covering health costs, or other expenses. Flex dollars are usually either an electronic currency or a portion of an employee’s wage structure. Flex money accounts typically work on a declining balance system similar to a debit card.

Does Papa John’s Take Flex Ole Miss?

Cafeteria-style all you can eat dining is offered in the Rebel Market. Venues, like Einstein Bros Bagels and Papa Johns, sell each food item individually just like any standard restaurant. Most locations across campus accept Meal Memberships, Flex Dollars, Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Ole Miss Express.

Where can I use my meal swipes Ole Miss?

Semester Weekly Meals used at the Rebel Market, the RC, and the Grill at 1810, are purchased using a meal swipe. Weekly meals used for prepared food or beverage purchases at all other Ole Miss Dining (à la carte) locations are based on a “cash equivalency” valued at $8 each.

Do flex dollars roll over Ole Miss?

Flex Dollars refund policy: Any remaining balance on a Flex Dollars account is carried forward each semester. Carryover balances may not be used to meet future required deposits.

Can I use flex bucks at Starbucks?

These funds can be used at ALL on-campus retail dining locations (i.e. Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Book-n-Brew to name a few) and to cover the door rate at the South Dining Hall and Cub Café. Flex Dollars cannot be used off campus . You cannot withdraw money from your Flex Dollars account.

How do I load my flex dollars?

You can add more flex dollars on the Watcard website, with any Food Services cashier or at the Waterloo store in the Student Life Centre. For more information about your Watcard and Flex dollars – visit the Watcard website.

How do you use flex dollars at Papa Johns?

Papa John’s accepts Flex Dollars for delivery! When you are on the phone, either choose “Manager” from the ordering option or ask the corporate Papa John’s employee to transfer you to the store. Please note that the UVA Dining Flex Dollar Delivery program is for food and non-alcoholic drinks only.

Can you wear nails at Papa Johns?

No, this is in violation of safe food handling policies.

What can Ole Miss Express be used for?

Ole Miss Express can be used campus wide (i.e., bookstore, copy machines, food locations) and select off campus locations. Flex Dollars are restricted to on campus locations including prepared food locations, vending machines, coffee shops, and convenience stores.

Is beer allowed on the Grove at Ole Miss?

You can drink at the game

Unlike Kentucky, alcohol is sold at Ole Miss sporting events.

What time does Ole Miss stop giving parking tickets?

The university’s parking enforcement hours for zoned permit parking are 7:30 A.M. – 5:00 P.M., Monday-Friday. Some Reserved and Service parking spaces across campus are enforced 24/7, as indicated with posted signage in front of the space. Faculty/Staff Reserved spaces are enforced 7:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M., Monday-Friday.

Does Golden Bear Cafe accept meal swipes?

Cal Dining’s variety of locations offer sit-down and on-the-go options. Use your meal swipes at the dining commons or as a “meal equivalency” swipe at The Golden Bear Café or Brown’s. Use your flex dollars at campus restaurants, convenience stores, late night, and concession stands.

Can I use DoorDash for Starbucks?

Starbucks has a supported partnership with Uber Eats, Postmates, or DoorDash to offer you coffee where you’re at.

How do I check my flex dollar balance?

Check your Flex balance, Red Hawk Dollar balance, and your remaining blocks/swipes right on the eAccounts website. There is also an eAccounts app for iPhone and Android!

How do I use Starbucks rewards to pay cash?

Earn 1 Star per $1 spent when you scan your member barcode in the app, then pay with cash, credit/debit cards or mobile wallets at participating stores. You can also earn 1 Star per $1 spent when you link a payment method and pay directly through the app.

Where can I use my WatCard?

Use my WatCard

  • UW Food Services – Purchases made using a WatCard’s Flex Dollars receive a 5% discount.
  • W Store – Buying text books, University of Waterloo brand clothing and apparel.
  • WPrint – The campus printing service.
  • Laundry – Used to pay for laundry at all university run residences.

Where can you spend western flex dollars?

Your flex dollars can be used at online vending machines, confection items and beverages, as well as at select off-campus establishments (Home Delivery and Dining Out). Please visit our Eateries on Campus website for the most complete and up-to-date information regarding your favourite campus eatery.

Where can I use flex dollars in California?

the dining commons

Cal Dining

You can use your flex dollars at the dining commons if you run out of meal swipes for the week. For graduate and extension students, as well as faculty and staff, use your flex dollars at all dining locations.

Where can I use my flex dollars Ryerson?

You also get $450 to spend at campus eateries or participating food retailers including Balzac’s , Oakham Café and Ram in the Rye seven days a week. Purchases are deducted from your flex dollar account in a declining balance.

Do flex dollars carry over Berkeley?

If you have an on-campus meal plan, yes, your flex dollars will roll over from the fall semester to the spring semester. Flex dollars do not roll over into the summer session, or from academic year to academic year. Any flex dollars not used by the last day of the spring semester will be forfeited.

Do flex dollars roll over Columbia?

Dining Dollars and Flex accounts roll over from year to year until you graduate.