What Type of Oil Does a Troy-Bilt TB110 Take?

When it comes to maintaining your Troy-Bilt TB110 Push Lawn Mower, choosing the right type of oil is critical. Proper lubrication is essential for engine longevity and optimal performance. In this article, we will examine the recommended oil type for the Troy-Bilt TB110 and provide useful guidelines to help you maintain your mower effectively.

Understanding the Troy-Bilt TB110 Push Lawn Mower

The Troy-Bilt TB110 is a popular push mower known for its durability and reliability. It features a rugged 21-inch steel deck, 11-inch rear wheels for maneuverability, and a 140cc Briggs & Stratton engine with ReadyStart™ technology for easy starting. Whether you’re mulching or bagging grass clippings, this mower is designed to make yard work more efficient.

Recommended Oil Type

To ensure proper lubrication and performance, Troy-Bilt recommends that the TB110 push mower be lubricated with high quality SAE 30 weight motor oil. SAE stands for the Society of Automotive Engineers and the number “30” indicates the viscosity of the oil. SAE 30 oil is designed for moderate temperature conditions and is commonly used in small engines like those found in lawn mowers.

Why Use SAE 30 Weight Oil?

SAE 30 oil provides adequate lubrication and protection for the internal components of the Troy-Bilt TB110 engine. It has a thicker viscosity compared to lighter oils, which helps maintain consistent lubrication even at high operating temperatures. Using the recommended oil type will ensure smooth engine operation and minimize wear and tear.

Choosing the Right Oil

When selecting SAE 30 oil for your Troy-Bilt TB110, it’s important to choose a high-quality oil from reputable brands. Look for oils that are specifically formulated for small engines or lawn mowers. These oils often contain additives that help reduce engine deposits, prevent corrosion and provide better wear protection.

Oil Change Procedure

Regular oil changes are critical to the longevity of your lawn mower’s engine. Here’s a step-by-step guide to changing the oil in your Troy-Bilt TB110:

  1. Preparation: Make sure the engine is cool and the mower is on a flat, level surface. Disconnect the spark plug lead to prevent accidental starting.
  2. Drain the oil: Locate the oil drain plug under the mower deck. Place a drain pan under the plug, remove the plug and allow the old oil to drain completely.
  3. Fill with new oil: When the oil is drained, replace the drain plug securely. Locate the oil fill plug or dipstick on the engine, remove it, and add fresh SAE 30 weight oil. Check the oil level with the dipstick and add more oil if necessary. Be careful not to overfill.
  4. Check the oil level: After adding oil, reinsert the dipstick into the oil fill tube, but do not screw it in. Pull it out, wipe it clean, reinsert it completely, and then check the oil level. The oil should be within the range indicated on the dipstick.
  5. Reconnect and test: Reconnect the spark plug lead and make sure all connections are secure. Start the engine and run it for a few minutes to check for leaks. Check the oil level and top up if necessary.

Checking and Changing Your Oil

It’s important to check and change your mower’s oil regularly to keep your mower running smoothly. Here are the basic steps for checking and changing your oil:

  1. First, make sure your mower is on a level surface and turn it off.
  2. Locate the oil dipstick and remove it from the engine.
  3. Wipe the dipstick clean with a rag, then replace it in the engine and remove it.
  4. Check the oil level on the dipstick. If it’s below the “full” line, you need to add more oil.
  5. To change the oil, first drain the old oil from the engine by removing the oil drain plug and draining the oil into a container.
  6. Once the old oil is drained, replace the drain plug and fill the engine with fresh oil, taking care not to overfill.
  7. Check the oil level again with the dipstick to make sure it’s at the correct level.

Other Maintenance Tips

In addition to checking and changing the oil regularly, there are several other maintenance tasks that can help keep your Troy Bilt TB110 mower running smoothly. Here are a few tips:

  • Replace the air filter regularly to make sure your engine is getting enough air.
  • Keep the blade sharp to ensure a clean cut and prevent damage to the engine.
  • Check and tighten the nuts and bolts on your mower regularly to make sure everything is secure.
  • Keep the underside of the deck clean to prevent accumulation of debris that may interfere with blade rotation.
  • Store your mower in a dry, covered area to prevent rust and other damage.

By following these and other maintenance tips, you can help prolong the life of your Troy Bilt TB110 lawn mower and keep it running smoothly.

The bottom line

Choosing the right type of oil for your Troy-Bilt TB110 push mower is essential to its proper functioning and longevity. By using high quality SAE 30 weight oil and following the recommended oil change procedures, you can ensure that your mower’s engine remains well lubricated and operates at peak performance. Regular maintenance, including oil changes, will contribute to a healthy and efficient lawn mowing experience with your Troy-Bilt TB110.


What type of oil does a Troy Bilt tb110 take?

The Troy-Bilt TB110 Push Lawn Mower requires SAE 30 motor oil for optimum performance. SAE 30 oil is specifically formulated for small engines such as those found in lawn mowers. It provides the necessary lubrication and protection to keep internal components running smoothly, even in moderate temperature conditions. When choosing oil for your TB110, it’s important to select a high-quality SAE 30 weight oil from reputable brands that are formulated for small engines or lawn mowers. These oils often contain additives that help prevent engine deposits, reduce corrosion and provide better wear protection.

To ensure the longevity of your Troy-Bilt TB110, regular oil changes are essential. When performing an oil change, make sure the engine is cool and the mower is on a level surface. Locate the oil drain plug under the deck, remove it and allow the old oil to drain completely. Then fill the engine with fresh SAE 30 weight oil, taking care not to overfill. Check the oil level with the dipstick, reconnect the spark plug lead and start the engine to ensure proper operation. By following these steps and using the recommended SAE 30 weight oil, you can keep your Troy-Bilt TB110 running smoothly and efficiently.

What kind of oil goes in a Troy-Bilt TB110?

Quote from video: No gas in there because we’ll be tilting the mower.

What kind of oil does a Troy-Bilt mower take?

SAE 5W-30 Engine Oil – 28 oz – 490-000-M020 | Troy-Bilt US.

Should I use 5w30 or 10W30 in lawn mower?

SAE 30 – Warmer temperatures, most common oil for small engines. SAE 10W-30 – Varying temperature range, this grade of oil improves cold-weather starting, but may increase oil consumption. Synthetic SAE 5W-30 – Best protection at all temperatures as well as improved starting with less oil consumption.

Can I use SAE 10W30 in my push mower?

Lawn Mower Oil Types

10W30 is a common motor oil grade suitable for many lawn mowers. Your owner’s manual will tell you the exact grade required, but in almost all cases 10W30 is the right stuff for a four-stroke engines. Any brand of oil that’s suitable for cars or trucks will work fine in your mower.

Can I use SAE 30 instead of 10w30?

The winner of best oil between SAE 30 vs 10w30 needs to be chosen with operating conditions in mind. Basically, SAE 30 works great in older mowers, but most newer mowers call for 10w30. SAE 30 is also better in warm conditions while 10w30 can accommodate colder ones as well.

Is SAE 30 same as 5w 30?

To be clear, SAE 30 and 5w30 are not the same. SAE 30 is a single-grade oil meaning it is only rated one time at a very high temperature. This high-temperature rating is right in the middle at 30. 5w30 on the other hand, is a multi-grade oil that has two ratings.

How many quarts of oil does a Troy-Bilt lawn mower take?

1.8 qt

Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.36 gal. Engine Oil Capacity: 1.8 qt.

Can I use 10w30 instead of 5w30?

Yes, you can use 10w30 instead of 5w30 in most cases. However, it is crucial to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to ensure that 10w30 is the correct weight for your car.

How much oil does Troy-Bilt push mower take?

– When purchasing oil for seasonal maintenance, most small engines (such as those on push mowers) have total capacities of less than one quart (32 oz.) and most medium size engines (such as those found on residential snow throwers and riding mowers) have total capacities of less than two quarts (64 oz.).

Are SAE 30 and 10w30 the same?

10w30 is thinner than SAE 30. The “30” means that it has the same viscosity as the other when the engine is hot. However, since it is thinner, it will never become as thick as SAE 30 when it gets cold. 10w30 has a viscosity of 10w which means it will start moving and protecting engine parts at a colder temperature.

Can 5 W 30 oil be used in a lawn mower?

Outdoor temperatures determine the proper oil viscosity for the engine. Use the chart to select the best viscosity for the outdoor temperature range expected. Engines on most outdoor power equipment operate well with 5W30 Synthetic oil.

Can I put car oil in a lawn mower?

If you have an older mower that has a two-stroke engine, you have to use special oil for it. If you have one of the newer four-stroke engines, you can use some of the better types of car oil in your mower. Generally, SAE-30 or 10W-30 oil can be used in a four-stroke mower engine.

What does SAE mean on oil?

the Society of Automotive Engineers

A letter for every lubricant type

Oil viscosity is very important and is affected by temperature. Therefore the first three letters you need to know are SAE, the acronym of the Society of Automotive Engineers. This society is responsible for establishing a classification system based solely on oil viscosity.

What is the best oil to use in a lawn mower?

Oil with a grade of SAE-30 is often a safe bet, but it’s still worth confirming since a lawn mower is no small investment. You can buy SAE-30 motor oil online (view example on Amazon), at any auto parts store, from most gas stations, and in the automotive section of a hardware store.

What does SAE 30 mean?

How to Change Your Lawnmower Oil | Troybilt TB110 Push …

Can I use regular 10W30 in my lawn mower?

There is no difference between 4-cycle oil and regular engine oil; they are the same. Common engine oils used in lawnmowers are SAE30, 5W30, and 10W30.

Can I use 5w30 in a 4 stroke engine?

Follow. The standard oil used for 4-stroke engines found on petrol lawnmowers is grade SAE 30. Synthetic variations include SAE 5W-30 and SAE 10W-30. These offer enhanced performance and higher level of protection however cost more.

What kind of oil do I put in my lawn mower?

While automotive engine oil, such as 10W-30 or 10W-40, can be used in a lawn mower engine, it is generally recommended that SAE 30 motor oil be used.

Can I use 10w40 instead of SAE 30 in my lawn mower?

However, in general, I probably wouldn’t recommend using 10w40 instead of SAE 30 in your lawn mower. What is this? Most lawn mower engines are designed to use oil with a viscosity rating of 30. Because 10w40 has a higher viscosity, your engine might not be able to lubricate itself as easily.

What is SAE 30 equivalent to?

ISO 100

Obviously, SAE and ISO use two different scales to measure viscosity. SAE 10W is equivalent to ISO 32, SAE 20 is equivalent to ISO 46 and 68, and SAE 30 is equivalent to ISO 100.

What can I use instead of SAE 30?

Can I Use 5W-30 Instead Of SAE 30? Both oils have a “30” hot viscosity rating. This means SAE 5W-30 oil has the same flow rate as SAE 30 at operating temp. So, technically it’s fine to use SAE 5W-30 oil in place of SAE 30.