What states voted for Hoover in 1932?

How many electoral votes did Hoover get in 1932?

1932 United States presidential election

Nominee Franklin D. Roosevelt Herbert Hoover
Party Democratic Republican
Home state New York California
Running mate John Nance Garner Charles Curtis
Electoral vote 472 59

Who did the Democratic Party choose as its candidate in 1932?

New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt was selected as the nominee through a series of primary elections and caucuses culminating in the 1932 Democratic National Convention held from June 27 to July 2, 1932, in Chicago, Illinois.

What percent of the popular vote supported Hoover?

In November, Hoover won 58 percent of the popular vote and 444 electoral votes to Al Smith’s 87. In December 1928, Hoover said, “My friends have made the American people think me a sort of superman.

What was special about the election of 1932?

On November 8, 1932, Franklin Roosevelt became the first Democrat in 80 years to win the presidency by a majority vote, rather than a plurality.

What was one of the main reasons Hoover lost the election of 1932?

Answer and Explanation: In 1932, Herbert Hoover lost the presidential election to Franklin Delano Roosevelt thanks to an outpouring of public sentiment against him which blamed him for The Great Depression and the extreme poverty and hardship faced by Americans during his presidency.

Who were the two main candidates of the 1932 election quizlet?

What candidates ran for president in 1932? Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt were the presidential candidates for the 1932 election.

Who did the Republicans nominate for president in 1932?

1932 Republican Party presidential primaries

Candidate Joseph I. France Herbert Hoover
Home state Maryland Iowa
Contests won 7 4
Popular vote 1,137,948 861,602
Percentage 47.5% 36.0%

How many seats did the Communists win in the 1932 elections?


Party Votes Seats
Social Democratic Party 7,959,712 133
Communist Party of Germany 5,282,636 89
Centre Party 4,589,430 75
German National People’s Party 2,178,024 37

How many electoral votes were there in 1928?

Electoral College Votes by State

State Electoral Vote of Each State For Vice-President
California 13 13
Colorado 6 6
Connecticut 7 7
Delaware 3 3