What is the marine emergency channel?

CHANNEL 16CHANNEL 16: Emergency and Distress calls only. CHANNEL 22A: Restricted to USCG use only. If you establish contact with the USCG on Channel 9 or 16, they may ask you to switch to Channel 22A.

What is the emergency VHF channel?

channel 16

Distress, urgency and safety transmissions
On VHF, use channel 16 or 67 for distress transmissions.

What is VHF channel 67 used for?

small ships safety channel

Ch67 is the small ships safety channel.
The Coastguard uses this as their working channel.

What is the marine radio channel?

Channel 16 (156.8 MHz) VHF-FM is designated by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) as the national distress, safety and calling frequency. All vessels must monitor this channel while underway.

What is Marine Band Channel 16?

Channel 16 is designated as the national distress, safety and calling frequency. All vessels should monitor this channel while underway. When hailing other boats for routine communication, you’ll need to hail them on 16 or 09, and then move to an available working channel, usually 68, 69, 71 or 72.

What is channel 13 for on VHF?

Channel 13 should be used to contact a ship when there is danger of collision. All ships of length 20m or greater are required to guard VHF channel 13, in addition to VHF channel 16, when operating within U.S. territorial waters.

What is VHF channel 9 used for?

Boater Calling Channel (VHF Channel 9)
The Federal Communications Commission established VHF-FM channel 9 as a supplementary calling channel for noncommercial vessels (recreational boaters) at the request of the U.S. Coast Guard.

What is VHF channel 70 used for?

automatic DISTRESS alert

Digital Selective Calling (DSC)
DSC radios are VHF radios, but they have an added benefit of sending an automatic DISTRESS alert (on Channel 70) to the USCG and other nearby DSC and VHF equipped vessels when activated.

What is VHF channel 12 used for?

Vessel traffic regulating

Channel 11-12: Vessel traffic regulating.

What is VHF channel 65 used for?

VHF Channel 65 will facilitate communications between an NCI station and seafarers. Contact details for local facilities such as marinas, harbour authorities, yacht clubs etc.

How do you use VHF for emergency?

Using a VHF Radio in an Emergency
If lives are in danger transmit “Mayday Mayday Mayday” and your vessel name. Wait for the Coast Guard to respond and be ready to reply with your location, ideally with latitude and longitude from GPS. If your situation is bad but not life-threatening, use the call “pan-pan.”

What is VHF channel 14 used for?

VHF Channels

Channel No Function Shore Frequency
13 GMDSS Bridge to Bridge Navigational Safety 156.650
14 Port Operations 156.700
15 Ship to Ship and Inland waterways (1Watt only) 156.750
16 Distress, Urgency, Safety and Calling 156.800

How do you call an emergency on a VHF radio?

Issue a Mayday via your VHF radio on Channel 16 by repeating the word Mayday three times followed by a clear description of your location, your vessel, the problem, the number of people in danger.