What is drilling monkey board?

Monkey board is an elevated platform on a mast (rig’s derrick), located at a height equal to two, three, or four lengths of a drill pipe, based on how many lengths of pipe can stand in the rig’s derrick. Monkey board is generally utilized for handling pipe, sucker rods, or other equipment stored in the derrick tower.

What is a derrick board?

“Derrick board” means the platform on which the derrickmen work. Source: Oil and Gas Drilling and Servicing Operations, Michigan Administrative Code R 408, February 8, 2013.

What is a triple drilling rig?

Drilling rigs come in three sizes: singles, doubles and triples. These categories refer to how many lengths of pipe can stand in the rig’s derrick. On a single, the derrick holds one length of pipe. A double holds two, and a triple holds three. A tall derrick isn’t necessary to drill deeper.

What is Monkey Board in oil and gas?

The monkey boards are the flat part that sticks out to the side of the rig’s derrick (or mast) close to the top. As drill pipe is “tripped in” or “tripped out” of the well, the monkey boards allow for the excess pipe to be racked back for a close reach to make future connections.

What is the function of the monkey board?

Monkey board is generally utilized for handling pipe, sucker rods, or other equipment stored in the derrick tower. It provides a small platform for the derrickman to stand and handle the pipes during tripping in/out when he/she should handle the top end of the pipe, which may be as high as 90 feet (27 m).

What are the four main types of drill rigs?

Depending on the terrain, you can choose between different types of drilling rigs: rotary drilling rigs, percussion drilling rigs, down-the-hole drilling rigs, top hammer drilling rigs (with high hammer), etc.

What is a Derek on an oil rig?

In derrick. In the petroleum industry, a derrick consisting of a framework or tower of wood or steel is erected over the deep drill holes of oil wells to support the tackle for boring, to raise and lower the drilling tools in the well, and to insert and remove the well casing… In petroleum production: The derrick.

What is a rabbit in drilling?

1. n. [Well Completions] A slang term for an internal drift diameter gauge typically used to check casing or tubing joints before they are picked up and run into the wellbore. The drift diameter used depends on the size and weight of the tubular being checked.

What is doghouse in drilling rig?

1. n. [Drilling] The steel-sided room adjacent to the rig floor, usually having an access door close to the driller’s controls. This general-purpose shelter is a combination tool shed, office, communications center, coffee room, lunchroom, and general meeting place for the driller and their crew.

What drill rig is most commonly used?

Rotary drilling rigs are used for most drilling operations today. The hole is drilled by rotating a bit and applying a downward force.

Which drilling method is most commonly used?

The most common drilling technique uses a manual approach called percussion or cable drilling. Percussion drilling is one of the oldest methods of applying a heavy chisel to crush rock. It loosens the soil in the borehole, making it easier for a bailer to extract.

What are the different types of drilling?

Drilling methods

  • Jetting. Sludging. …
  • Hand-auger. drilling. …
  • Percussion. drilling. …
  • Rotary drilling. with flush. …
  • Rotary. percussion. …
  • Hand-auger drilling. Percussion drilling. …
  • Sludging (reverse jetting) Method: This method has been de- veloped and used extensively in Bang- ladesh. …
  • Rotary drilling with flush.

What is the difference between a mast and a derrick?

Some masts use telescopic sections and are assembled in a vertical (boot strap) fashion. Masts are normally used on land rigs; they are rarely used on offshore rigs. #Derrick: A derrick is a semi-permanent structure of square or rectangular cross-sections having members that are latticed or trussed on all four sides.

What does derrick mean?

Definition of derrick

1 : a hoisting apparatus employing a tackle rigged at the end of a beam. 2 : a framework or tower over a deep drill hole (as of an oil well) for supporting boring tackle or for hoisting and lowering.

What is a derrick in construction?

A “derrick” is an apparatus consisting of a mast or equivalent member held at the head by guys or braces, with or without a boom, for use with a hoisting mechanism and operating ropes. OSHA often refers to these two lifting machines together.

What is a derrick in oilfield?

An oil derrick is used to dig a hole for an oil well, then to push the drill pipe deep into the earth. A mud mixture is sprayed from the drill bit to push material from the cuttings up out of the hole and cool the drill equipment, as well as to keep the bore hole stable.

What is the largest oil rig in the world?

Berkut oil rig

Berkut oil rig

Berkut is the biggest oil and gas platform in the world situated near the Russian coastline facing the Pacific Ocean, near the island of Sakhalin close to the Japanese mainland. It is truly an engineering marvel, weighing about 200,000 tonnes and 35 m deep from the seafloor.

Is Roughnecking a hard job?

A roughneck is a type of laborer who works on an oil rig. The job is extremely difficult and often dangerous, and it is likely that you will need to start in another entry level position before you can become a roughneck. Apply for any manual labor position available at an oil company to get started.