What is a single step?

A single step is when a program is executed one step at a time. Usually, to locate a flaw or error that is causing the program not to operate properly.

What is the meaning of single step?

single-step in British English

verbWord forms: -steps, -stepping or -stepped. (transitive) computing. to perform a single instruction on (a program), generally under the control of a debug program. Collins English Dictionary.

What is the meaning of multi step?

Definition of multistep

: involving two or more distinct steps or stages the first step in a multistep process a multistep strategy/approach Play strategy games like chess and Monopoly often, recommends Suzanne Farmer … . They’re great practice for making decisions and thinking through multistep problems …—

Is single step hyphenated?

Hyphenation of one-step

Unfortunately it cannot be hyphenated because it only contains one syllable.

What is single step SCI?

Single-step income statements report the revenue, expenses, and profit (or loss) of a business during a specific period. However, the net income is reported using only one equation. The equation used in a single-step income statement is: Net income = (gains + revenue) – (losses + expenses)

What does a single step income statement look like?

The single-step income statement presents information in a simplified format. It uses a single subtotal for all revenue line items and a single subtotal for all expense line items, with a net profit or loss appearing at the bottom of the report.

How do you say multi step?

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What is another word for multi step?

What is another word for multiple-step?

multistep composite
combined multileg
multiphase multistage
interwoven multipart
manifold multicomponent