What is a reasonable estimate for the problem?

A reasonable estimate does not exceed the original numbers in a problem. For instance, in a division problem like 424 ÷ 4 − 10, we can check is our answer is reasonable or not, by estimating an approximate answer or by plugin gin using the division formula.

How do you calculate reasonable estimate?

Quote from video: So let's add this up let's do our estimations first so if we round this number to the nearest ten thousand 22,000 is closest to 20,000. And seventy-six thousand is closest to eighty thousand.

How can you tell if your answer is reasonable?

Quote from video: And math mean while reasonableness and math means that you're able to validate. The solution by verifying the answer in other words you'll be able to check your answer by plugging in what you have.

What is an example of an estimate?

An example of to estimate is to look at a damaged car and see how much it may cost to repair. The definition of an estimate is an opinion or a guess of the size, worth or cost of something. An example of an estimate is a list of times and charges that it may cost to complete a construction job.

What does assess the reasonableness of your answer mean?

In math terms, reasonableness means to verify the answer you have found by either estimating or plugging in your answer to check to see if it works.

What means reasonableness?

/ˈriː.zən.ə.bəl.nəs/ the fact of being based on or using good judgment and therefore being fair and practical: The court will determine the reasonableness of the police activity.

How do you evaluate reasonableness in math?

We can check for reasonableness in maths problems like addition by rounding. A reasonable estimate would not exceed the original numbers in a problem. We can also check for reasonableness by making numbers more compatible with each other.

What should be included in an estimate?

What do I include in an estimate?

  • Job description. Explain the work you’ll be doing. …
  • Materials and labor. Provide a high-level view of the necessary materials and labor and the costs for each. …
  • Total cost. Clearly and correctly tally up the total costs of the project.
  • This is a big one. …
  • Sales and company contact info.

What is a reasonable example?

The definition of reasonable is someone or something that is logical and exhibits good sense. An idea that makes sense to carry out is an example of a reasonable idea. A low priced and inexpensive item is an example of an item that would be described as an item with a reasonable price.

What is another word for reasonableness?

What is another word for reasonableness?

balance common sense
practicality rationality
sensibleness wisdom
reasonability sense
soundness prudence

What does reasonable amount mean?

Reasonable amount means an amount of the Content consistent with enabling the Purchaser or an Authorised User to make efficient non-commercial use of the Content.

How do you write an estimate report?

Making Reasonable Estimates

How do you check for reasonableness in division?

You can determine if an answer in division is reasonable by learning to estimate the answers. Round the divisor to the nearest 10 or 100, depending on how many digits are in the divisor.

How do you find reasonableness in addition?

Quote from video: I have three tips for you today to help you to know if your answer makes sense your first tip is to ask yourself. Should I answer these bigger or smaller than the numbers in the problem. If your an

How can you estimate products by rounding and determine if exact answers are reasonable?

Quote from video: We can estimate products by rounding the greater factor to the nearest higher place than multiply using mental math.

How can estimates be used to check multiplication problems for reasonableness?

Quote from video: I would estimate that to be 300. And I want to multiply that by 236. I'm going to estimate that to be 200. Now I can use my powers of 10 with highlighting a zeroes. 3 times 2 is 6.

How do you find the multiplication problem?

Quote from video: So first you draw a little cross. Right here and now that leaves you with four spaces in the top space you're going to sum up the numbers that are over here and the top of your multiplication.