What is a 10 27 in police code?

What’s a 10 7 mean?

Police 10 Codes

Code General Purpose APCO (Association of Police Communications Officers)
10-7 Out of Service Out of Service
10-8 In Service In Service
10-9 Repeat Say Again
10-10 Fight In Progress Negative

What does a 10 18 mean?

10-16 Pick up prisoner. 10-17 Request for gasoline. 10-18 Equipment exchange. 10-19 Return/returning to the station.

What do 10 96 mean?

10-96. Mental Subject. 10-97. Papers (Civil or Warrant)

What does a 10 33 mean?

Description. 10-33. Emergency, all units stand by. What does police code 10-33 mean? Police code 10-33 means Emergency, all units stand by.

What does a 10 69 mean?

10-69 = Confirms message received. 10-70 = Prowler, fire alarm. 10-71 = Gun involved, advise nature of fire. 10-72 = Shooting, fire progress report. 10-73 = Smoke reported.

What does a 10 42 mean?

This particular code is used to indicate an officer’s end of tour. While 10-42 is most frequently used when an officer has completed his tour of service for the day, it is also used in conjunction with funeral proceedings when an officer has been killed in the line of duty.

What does a 10 45 mean?

Police Code 10-45

Code Description
10-45 Condition of patient

What does a 10 21 mean?

Police code 10-21 means Call by telephone.

What does a 10 1 mean?

On a film set, 10-1 is the walkie talkie code for the bathroom. While literally meaning you need to pee, using as this as a catch-all saves your film crew from t.m.i.

What does a 10 77 mean?

10-77. Direct Traffic at Fire Scene.

What does a 10 90 mean?

Police 10 Codes General Purpose

10-1 Unable Copy – Change Location
10-90 Bank Alarm at ___
10-91 Pick Up Prisoner / Subject
10-92 Improperly Parked Vehicle
10-93 Blockade

What does a 10 82 mean?

What does police code 10-82 mean? Police code 10-82 means Reserve lodging.

What does a 10 75 mean?

10-75. Off duty, In dept Vehicle. 10-29. Check for Wanted.

What does a 10 99 mean?

What does a 1099 employee mean? The phrase “1099 employee” generally describes a person who, in the eyes of the IRS, is an independent contractor, also called self-employed or a freelancer. A 1099 is thus not the same as a W-2, which reports income paid to employees.

What does a 10 59 mean?

10-57 Missing person. 10-59 Security check. 10-60 Lock-out. 10-61 Miscellaneous public service. 10-62 Meet a citizen.

What does 10-7 mean on the CB?

Out of Service

10-7 Out of Service, Leaving Air 10-43 Traffic Tie-up at… 10-8 In Service, subject to call 10-44 I have a message for you 10-9 Repeat Message 10-45 All units within range please report 10-10 Transmission Completed, Standing By 10-50 Break Channel 10-11 Talking Too Rapidly 10-60 What is next message number?

What does 10-7 mean on a CB radio?

Out of service

10-7: Out of service. 10-8: In service. 10-9: Repeat Message. 10-10: Transmission completed, standing by. 10-11: Talking too rapidly.

Why is it called 10-7?

Police officer retirement
Often when an officer retires, a call to dispatch is made. The officer gives a 10-7 code (Out of service) and then a 10-42 code (ending tour of duty).

What does it mean when cops say 10 4?

10-4 is an affirmative signal: it means “OK.” The ten-codes are credited to Illinois State Police Communications Director Charles Hopper who created them between 1937–40 for use in radio communications among cops. Ten-Four Day ~ for decades, Oct 4 has been a day to salute radio operators.

Why do cops hold up 4 fingers?

Another non-verbal communication technique practiced by law enforcement officers is the use of hand signals. The most common hand signal street cops will use between themselves is displaying four fingers (Code 4) which means they don’t need any help.

What does a 10 1 mean?

On a film set, 10-1 is the walkie talkie code for the bathroom. While literally meaning you need to pee, using as this as a catch-all saves your film crew from t.m.i.