What does DB mean?

decibela logarithmic expression of the ratio between two signal power, voltage, or current levels. In acoustics, the decibel is used as an absolute indicator of sound power per unit area.

What does dB mean in a text?

DB. Don’t Bother (chat slang)

What’s the abbreviation for dB?

Abbreviation db

dB: Meaning
dB Decibel

What does DB mean online?

Don’t Bother (chat slang) DB.

What does DB mean in school?

DB | Deaf-Blind.

What does DB stand for in school?

Main Digest

Special Education Glossary of Terms
DB Deaf-Blindness or Deaf-Blind
DCD Developmental Cognitive Disability
DCT Direct Consultant Teacher
DD Developmental Delay or Developmental Disabilities or Developmental Disability

What is DB in business?

DB. Defined Benefit. Business » Occupation & Positions.

What does DB mean in working out?

BMU: Bar Muscle Up. FRL: Front Rack Lunge. DB: Dumb Bell.

What is DB in law enforcement?

Dead Body

BOLO: Be On Lookout (pronounced as Bo-Low) DB: Dead Body.

How much is The DB Method?


The DB Method Cons

For $229, the cost of the machine is cheaper compared to other at-home fitness products, but steep for a machine that only does one thing. If an up-front cost of $229 is too much, there is an option to pay in four split-payments of $57.25.

Can guys use The DB Method?

Of course! While men aren’t so focused on getting their dream butt, we have many male customers who use the machine to improve their sports performance.

Who is The DB Method model?

How one woman created the modern-day Thighmaster, but for belfies. “If you could pick one exercise you can do that helps tone the whole body, it’s the squat,” Erika Rayman said, pointing to her creation, the DB Method.

Who owns DB Method?

Founder Erika Rayman told “GMA” she came up with the idea for The DB Method after working with a trainer to target her glutes. Realizing there wasn’t an at-home machine for it, she said she “decided to invent it” herself.

Does The DB Method help with pelvic floor?

The DB Method works the gluteal muscles more efficiently than traditional squats, and directly strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor.