Discovering the Brand Batteries Crafted by East Penn

In a world driven by technology, batteries have become an essential source of power for our devices, from smartphones to automobiles. Behind the scenes, a major player in the battery industry, East Penn Manufacturing, has been quietly shaping our energy landscape. In this article, we embark on an enlightening journey to uncover the branded batteries made by East Penn and explore their commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability.

A Journey to Battery Excellence

East Penn Manufacturing Company has established a remarkable legacy in the battery industry, built on a foundation of excellence, innovation and unwavering commitment. For decades, East Penn has been at the forefront of battery manufacturing, continually pushing boundaries and setting new standards. In this article, we embark on a journey to unlock East Penn’s legacy and explore the key factors that propelled them to the forefront of the industry and continue to drive their success today.

Uncompromising Quality: Crafting Batteries with Precision

At the heart of the East Penn legacy is an unwavering commitment to uncompromising quality. Every battery produced by East Penn undergoes rigorous testing and adheres to strict quality control measures, ensuring that customers receive products of the highest caliber. From raw material selection to final assembly, East Penn’s attention to detail and precision craftsmanship is evident in every step of the manufacturing process.

By employing advanced manufacturing techniques and utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, East Penn consistently delivers batteries that meet or exceed industry standards. This commitment to quality has earned the trust of consumers and businesses worldwide, establishing East Penn as a symbol of reliability and durability.

Continuous Innovation: Driving Battery Advancements

Innovation has been a driving force behind East Penn’s legacy. Recognizing the ever-evolving needs of industries and consumers, East Penn invests heavily in research and development to pioneer breakthrough battery technologies. Its team of experts continually explores new materials, designs and manufacturing methods to improve battery performance, efficiency and longevity.

By embracing innovation, East Penn has introduced a number of industry-leading advancements such as improved energy density, faster charging capabilities, and extended cycle life. These innovations not only provide customers with batteries that outperform their predecessors, but also help advance industries ranging from automotive and marine to renewable energy and beyond.

Customer-centric approach: Tailoring solutions to needs

Central to East Penn’s legacy is a customer-centric approach that puts the needs and satisfaction of its customers first. East Penn understands that different industries and applications require specific battery solutions, and they strive to deliver products that precisely meet those needs.

Whether it’s developing batteries for automotive, commercial, industrial or specialty applications, East Penn works closely with its customers to gain insight into their unique challenges and goals. This collaborative approach allows East Penn to tailor its battery solutions to provide customers with optimal performance, reliability and value.

Environmental Stewardship: Sustaining the Future

East Penn’s legacy extends beyond battery excellence to include a deep commitment to environmental stewardship. Recognizing the importance of sustainability, East Penn actively implements environmentally friendly practices throughout its operations. From the responsible sourcing of raw materials to the implementation of advanced recycling systems, East Penn strives to minimize its impact on the environment.

What Brand Batteries does East Penn Make?

Deka Batteries

Deka is one of the most recognized and respected brands produced by East Penn. Deka batteries are known for their exceptional performance and reliability in a variety of applications. Whether it’s automotive, marine, recreational or industrial, Deka batteries have a strong presence and are chosen by consumers who demand the highest quality. Deka brand batteries are meticulously crafted using advanced manufacturing processes and cutting-edge technologies to ensure they meet the highest industry standards. With a focus on durability, longevity and consistent performance, Deka batteries have earned the trust of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Here is a list of DEKA batteries, which are part of East Penn Manufacturing Company’s private label brand:

  1. D-Series
  2. Dominator
  3. ETX Sports Power
  4. Fahrenheit
  5. Gold
  6. HydraSaver
  7. Intimidator
  8. Marine Master
  9. MaxPower
  10. Outdoorsman
  11. Precision Built
  12. Pro Master
  13. Solar
  14. Ultimate
  15. UltraBattery
  16. Unigy

Intimidator Batteries

Intimidator is another notable brand manufactured by East Penn, specifically tailored for demanding power needs. Intimidator batteries are designed to excel in heavy-duty applications such as commercial trucks, agricultural equipment and industrial machinery. These batteries are built to withstand extreme conditions, vibration and high power demands, making them a preferred choice for professionals in rugged industries. Backed by East Penn’s expertise and commitment to quality, Intimidator batteries deliver reliable power for long hours, ensuring optimal performance and productivity in the toughest environments.

Here are some specific Intimidator battery models:

  1. Intimidator AGM:
    • Intimidator AGM 8A24
    • Intimidator AGM 9A34
    • Intimidator AGM 9A31
    • Intimidator AGM 8A31DTM
    • Intimidator AGM 9A65
  2. Intimidator Deep Cycle AGM:
    • Intimidator Deep Cycle AGM 8A27
    • Intimidator Deep Cycle AGM 8A31DTM
    • Intimidator Deep Cycle AGM 8A24M
    • Intimidator Deep Cycle AGM 8A31DT
  3. Intimidator Starting Batteries:
    • Intimidator Starting 9AGM48
    • Intimidator Starting 9AGM49
    • Intimidator Starting 9AGM50

Pro-Series Batteries

As the name suggests, Pro-Series batteries are designed to meet the needs of professionals and industries that require reliable and efficient power solutions. These batteries are meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional performance and durability in demanding applications. Whether it’s construction equipment, emergency lighting or backup power systems, Pro-Series batteries provide the reliability and durability needed to meet the challenges of professional environments. With advanced features and engineering, East Penn Pro-Series batteries are trusted by professionals who depend on consistent power for their critical operations.

Drive Batteries

Drive batteries represent East Penn’s commitment to the ever-growing electric vehicle (EV) industry. As the demand for clean and sustainable transportation increases, Drive batteries provide the energy storage solutions needed for EVs to operate efficiently. These batteries are carefully engineered to deliver optimal performance, extended range and fast charging capabilities to ensure a smooth and reliable driving experience. East Penn Drive batteries are a testament to their commitment to innovation and helping to shape the future of transportation.

Extended battery range: Beyond the Named Brands

In addition to the above brands, East Penn Manufacturing Company also produces a number of other branded batteries for specific applications and industries. Some notable examples include

  • Power-House Batteries:
    Power-House batteries are designed for deep-cycle applications that require sustained power delivery over extended periods of time. These batteries are commonly used in renewable energy systems, electric golf carts, forklifts and other equipment that requires consistent and reliable power. Power-House batteries are designed to provide deep-cycle capabilities, allowing repeated charging and discharging without compromising performance or longevity.
  • AGM Batteries:
    AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries are a popular choice for applications that require maintenance-free and spill-proof power solutions. AGM technology uses a highly porous glass mat separator that absorbs and immobilizes the electrolyte, improving performance, durability and resistance to vibration. These batteries are commonly used in marine vessels, recreational vehicles, off-grid solar systems and emergency backup power applications.
  • Starting Batteries:
    East Penn manufactures a wide range of starting batteries designed to provide high bursts of power to start engines in various vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats. Starting batteries are designed with high cranking capacity to ensure reliable ignition, even in cold weather conditions. These batteries are known for their fast starting capabilities and are often chosen for their ability to provide rapid energy output.
  • Commercial Batteries:
    East Penn also offers a line of commercial batteries designed for heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications. These batteries are built to withstand rigorous use, high energy demands and frequent cycling. Commercial batteries are commonly used in trucks, buses, construction equipment, emergency vehicles and other commercial vehicles where reliable power is essential for operational efficiency.

It’s important to note that East Penn Manufacturing Company’s expertise extends beyond the production of brand name batteries. They also offer complete battery solutions, including battery accessories, charging systems and battery maintenance products. This holistic approach ensures that customers have access to a full range of battery-related solutions to meet their specific needs.

Innovation and Sustainability: Cornerstones of East Penn’s Battery Craftsmanship

When exploring the exceptional branded batteries produced by East Penn Manufacturing Company, two key pillars emerge as the driving forces behind their success: innovation and sustainability. With an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of battery technology while prioritizing environmental responsibility, East Penn has established itself as an industry leader. In this article, we explore how innovation and sustainability serve as the cornerstones of East Penn’s battery craftsmanship, shaping their products, practices, and overall approach to meeting the evolving needs of consumers and the planet.

Innovation: Pioneering Battery Technology

At the heart of East Penn brand batteries is a relentless pursuit of innovation. With a dedicated team of researchers, engineers and technicians, East Penn continually strives to develop cutting-edge battery technologies that deliver improved performance, durability and efficiency. By investing in research and development, East Penn remains at the forefront of advancements in battery chemistry, design and manufacturing processes. This commitment to innovation ensures that its branded batteries incorporate the latest breakthroughs, providing consumers with cutting-edge solutions that meet the demands of today’s rapidly evolving industries.

From the development of advanced materials and electrode designs to the integration of intelligent battery management systems, East Penn’s innovation-driven approach results in batteries that deliver superior performance, longer cycle life and faster charging capabilities. By pushing the boundaries of what is possible, East Penn provides industries and consumers with batteries that deliver optimal performance, reliability and convenience.

Sustainability: A Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

East Penn understands the importance of sustainability in the battery industry and embraces its responsibility to minimize its impact on the environment. As a company deeply rooted in its community, East Penn is committed to sustainable practices that go beyond regulatory requirements. They prioritize the responsible sourcing of raw materials and ensure that their supply chain adheres to ethical and environmentally responsible standards.

In addition, East Penn strives to reduce waste, optimize energy consumption, and minimize emissions throughout its manufacturing processes. They employ advanced recycling systems to maximize the recovery of valuable materials from used batteries, contributing to a circular economy and reducing reliance on virgin resources. By prioritizing sustainability, East Penn not only produces batteries that power industries, but also actively contributes to preserving and protecting the environment.


As part of its sustainability initiatives, East Penn actively promotes battery recycling education and awareness, encouraging consumers to responsibly dispose of their used batteries and participate in recycling programs. By championing sustainable practices, East Penn strives to make a positive impact on the environment and inspire others to embrace responsible battery use and disposal.


East Penn Manufacturing is a driving force in the battery industry, producing exceptional branded batteries that power our lives. Their commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability has made them a trusted partner for industries ranging from automotive to renewable energy. As we rely on batteries more than ever, we can take comfort in East Penn’s enduring legacy and unwavering commitment to powering our devices and moving us toward a brighter, more energy-efficient future.


What brand batteries are made by East Penn?

East Penn Manufacturing Company produces a wide range of branded batteries under its own private label, Deka. The Deka brand includes several premium battery lines, including

  • D-Series
  • Dominator
  • ETX Sports Power
  • Fahrenheit
  • Gold Series
  • HydraSaver
  • Intimidator
  • Marine Master
  • MaxPower
  • Outdoorsman
  • Precision Built
  • Pro Master
  • Solar Power
  • Ultimate
  • UltraBattery
  • Unigy

In addition, MK Battery is a wholly owned subsidiary of East Penn DEKA. MK Battery specializes in the production of sealed lead acid batteries for a variety of applications including mobility devices, renewable energy systems and backup power solutions.

With this diverse portfolio of branded batteries, East Penn Manufacturing Company meets the needs of various industries and applications, from automotive and marine to commercial and renewable energy.

What brand of battery does East Penn make?

The Deka Gold battery series features our exclusive Power-Perform® Plate technology, delivering high quality and reliable performance.

Does East Penn make Deka batteries?

A Lithium-ion battery with high intensity performance that’s built right, maintenance-free, and backed by East Penn Manufacturing.

Where does East Penn make their batteries?

East Penn is proud to operate a massive, 520-acre single-site battery manufacturing complex in Berks County, Pennsylvania, with world-class facilities that are the most advanced in the industry. We also operate a facility in Corydon, Iowa to help accommodate our widespread growth.

Is East Penn a good battery?

East Penn’s VRLA (Gel and AGM) products have the reputation of being the highest quality VRLA batteries available.

Who owns East Penn batteries?

Energy Products represents manufacturers East Penn/ Deka batteries, Trojan, Taylor Dunn, Club Car, Advance Scrubbers & Sweepers, Ametek and others. The company was founded and is wholly owned by Kurt H. Smith, also the founder of Battery Giant – a retail battery store franchise.

Does East Penn make Duracell car batteries?

East Penn Manufacturing Co, Inc. appears to be the current owner and manufacturer of Duracell batteries. Out of the various automotive batteries available in the market, Duracell seems to be one of the best. Their top-quality leak-free design and outstanding cold-cranking capabilities make these batteries stand out.

What brands use Deka batteries?

Deka is their own private label and includes premium brands such as D-Series, Dominator, ETX Sports Power, Fahrenheit, Gold, HydraSaver, Intimidator, Marine Master, MaxPower, Outdoorsman, Precision Built, Pro Master, Solar, Ultimate, UltraBattery, and Unigy.

Who makes Diehard battery?

In 2019 Johnson Controls sold their battery division to Clarios, LLC, who manufacture DieHard brand, along with Duralast, Varta, and AC Delco, as well as 20 other brands.

DieHard (brand)

Product type Automobile batteries
Introduced 1967

Who are Deka batteries made by?

East Penn Manufacturing, the parent company behind the Deka brand, is known for their expert research and development in the power sports industry.

Who is the largest battery manufacturer in the US?

East Penn Manufacturing – The world’s largest single site, family-owned lead-acid battery manufacturer.

Who makes ever start batteries for Walmart?

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls manufactures the EverStart brand of batteries. These are low maintenance, high quality, and long-lasting. EverStart batteries come in two varieties; AGM and lead acid. Two of the most popular models are EverStart Plus and EverStart Maxx, both AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries.

Who makes Duracell car batteries for Sam’s Club?

East Penn’s over 60-year tradition of producing the world’s highest quality lead-acid batteries is a logical fit for the Duracell name that has earned 40 years of consumer trust.

Does Deka make Duracell batteries?

Both of these Duracell batteries at Sams Club are made by Deka.

Who makes Napa battery?

If you are keen on knowing who is the manufacturer of Napa batteries, you should know that Napa automotive batteries are being produced by East Penn since 2009. Established in 1946 by DeLight Jr., East Penn has grown to be one of the top manufacturers in the United States.

What company makes John Deere batteries?

Kreisel Electric

Kreisel Electric produces innovative battery technology for e-mobility and stationary systems. This investment will provide John Deere with optimal integration to efficiently design vehicles and powertrains around superior immersion-cooled, high-density battery technology.

What brands does Deka make?

Deka is their own private label and includes premium brands such as D-Series, Dominator, ETX Sports Power, Fahrenheit, Gold, HydraSaver, Intimidator, Marine Master, MaxPower, Outdoorsman, Precision Built, Pro Master, Solar, Ultimate, UltraBattery, and Unigy. MK Battery is a wholly owned subsidiary of East Penn DEKA.

What does East Penn Manufacturing make?

East Penn Manufacturing – The world’s largest single site, family-owned lead-acid battery manufacturer.

Who makes ever start batteries for Walmart?

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls manufactures the EverStart brand of batteries. These are low maintenance, high quality, and long-lasting. EverStart batteries come in two varieties; AGM and lead acid. Two of the most popular models are EverStart Plus and EverStart Maxx, both AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries.

What brands of batteries are made by Johnson Controls?

The dominant replacement market brand names, Interstate and DieHard, are both Johnson Controls products, as is the Optima brand.

Who manufactures DieHard batteries now?

Advance Auto Parts announced on December 23, 2019, that it had bought the DieHard brand for $200 million.

DieHard (brand)

Product type Automobile batteries
Owner Sears Roebuck & Company 1967-2004 Sears Holdings 2004-2018 Transform Holdco 2018-2019 Advance Auto Parts 2019-Present
Country USA
Introduced 1967

Who makes Interstate batteries now?

Who Makes Interstate Batteries 2022. Interstate batteries are made by multiple suppliers, with Clarios and Exide Technologies being the most likely. The Interstate Battery System of America, Inc. operates across the entire US through more than 200,000 dealers.