What are the Simonites?

What are Simonian people?

The Simonians were a Gnostic sect of the 2nd century which regarded Simon Magus as its founder and traced its doctrines, known as Simonianism, back to him. The sect flourished in Syria, in various districts of Asia Minor and at Rome. In the 3rd century remnants of it still existed, which survived until the 4th century.

What is Simonite?

(mineralogy) A monoclinic-prismatic red mineral containing arsenic, mercury, sulphur, and thallium.

What nationality is Simonian?


Armenian: patronymic from the personal name Simon .

What does name Simonian mean?

Definition of Simonian

(Entry 1 of 2) : a follower of Simon Magus : a member of any of various early gnostic sects reputed to follow his teachings.

Is mcnee Scottish or Irish?

Scottish and Irish: variant of McNay .

What nationality are Xabier?

Xabier is British, Ana is Spanish and Teo is Bolivian.

Is Mccammon Irish or Scottish?

Mccammon Name Meaning

Scottish and northern Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Ámoinn ‘son of Ámoinn’ a Gaelic form of the Norse personal name Amundr which is composed of the elements ag ‘awe fear’ or ‘edge point’ + mundr ‘protection’.

Is zegler a Polish name?

This surname of ZEGLER is a German and Polish occupational name for a tiler. The name was derived from the Old German word ZIEGEL (roof-tile) and rendered in ancient documents in the Latin form TEGULA.

What nationality is Seabrook?


English (Middlesex and Hertfordshire): habitational name from Seabrook in Ivinghoe (Buckinghamshire) possibly from an Old English personal name Sǣga or Old English sǣge ‘slow moving’ + brōc ‘brook stream’.

What nationality is Swaney?

Elizabeth Swaney

Personal information
Nationality American
Born 30 July 1984 Oakland, California
Country Hungary

What nationality is Esposito?


Esposito (Italian pronunciation: [eˈspɔːzito]) is a common Italian surname. It ranks fourth among the most widespread surnames in Italy. It originates from the Campania region, most specifically, in the Naples area.

Is the last name Palumbo Italian?

Palumbo is a surname of Italian origin, derived from Palombo literally meaning “Ring Dove” or Palombella meaning “Wood Pigeon” in the dialects of Southern Italy.

How do you say Esposito in Italian?

Quote from video: Difficult names or difficult to pronounce i should say actors names and celebrities. From all around the world ciao.

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