What are the Asian currencies?

Asian currencies

Present currency ISO 4217 code Country or dependency (administrating country)
Cambodian riel KHR Cambodia
Chinese Renminbi (yuan) CNY China
Australian dollar AUD Christmas Island (Australia)
AUD Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Australia)

How many currencies are there in Asia?

All Asian currencies with their ISO-4217 codes, listed by countries

Country or territory Currency ISO-4217
Brunei Brunei dollar BND
Cambodia Cambodian Riel KHR
China Chinese Yuan Renminbi CNY
Christmas Island (Australia) Australian dollar AUD

Which Asian currency is the highest?

Kuwaiti Dinar

The official currency in Kuwait, Kuwait Dinar isn’t just the strongest currency in Asia, but it is also the most valued currency globally. It is more expensive than the United States Dollar (USD), Great Britain Pounds (GBP) and the Euro on the exchange market.

Which Asian countries use dollars?

Note that the U.S. dollar is the de facto currency for many Southeast Asian countries, particularly in Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

What are Asian dollars?

Introduction. The Asian Dollar Market, by definition, is a regional market for Eurodollars, expatriate US dollars, located in Singapore. It includes various Eurodollar- denominated financial instruments such as Asian bonds of long-term loans and Asian dollar certificate of deposits of midterm maturities.

Which is the highest currency in the world?

Kuwaiti Dinar

Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) is the most valuable currency in the world due to the country’s strong economy.

Do all countries accept US dollars?

Although dollars are used commonly in many countries, the US dollar is really legal tender in only eight countries. These countries are: The United States of America, Ecuador, El Salvador, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Palau, East Timor and Zimbabwe. .

Which is the weakest currency in the world?

The exchange rates of the least valued currencies were updated on .

  • #1 – Iranian Rial (~320,500 IRR/USD)
  • #2 – Vietnamese Dong (23,376 VND/USD)
  • #3 – Lao or Laotian Kip (15,106 LAK/USD)
  • #4 – Indonesian Rupiah (15,038 IDR/USD)
  • #5 – Sierra Leonean Leone (13,314 SLL/USD)
  • #6 – Uzbek Sum (10,961 UZS/USD)

Which currency is lowest in world?

Iranian Rial

Iranian Rial

The Iranian Rial is the least valued currency in the world. It is the lowest currency to USD. For the simplification of calculations, Iranians regularly use the term ‘Toman’. 1 Toman equals 10 Rials.

What is stronger than the US dollar?

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Which country has the highest currency?

The U.S. dollar is considered to be the most powerful or strongest currency in the world. There are a variety of reasons for this. The U.S. economy and government are consistently stable and strong.

What is Korea’s currency called?

won, also spelled hwan, monetary units of South Korea and North Korea. The Bank of Korea has the exclusive authority to issue banknotes and coins for South Korea. Banknotes are issued in denominations ranging from 1,000 to 50,000 won.

How many countries in Asia have their capital and currency?


Hong kong Special administrative region of China Hong kong dollar (HKD)
India New delhi Indian rupee (INR)
Indonesia Jakarta Indonesian rupiah(IDR)
Iran Tehran rial (IRR)

What is Asia currency to naira?

Nigerian Naira(NGN) Currency Exchange Rates Asia

06:11 USD CNY
1 NGN = 0.0024 0.0161
Inverse: 419.3903 61.9401

How much is a yuan to a Naira?

Exchange Rate Today For Converting Yuan to Nigerian Naira – 1 CNY = 11.446 NGN

Convert CNY: 1 100
Into NGN: 61.3 6129.76

Is China currency higher than Naira?

A variety of currencies circulated in China during the Republic of China era, most of which were denominated in the unit ‘yuan’.

Quick Conversions from Nigerian Naira to Chinese Yuan : 1 NGN = 0.0163663 CNY.

₦ 100 ¥ 1.64
₦ 250 ¥ 4.09
₦ 500 ¥ 8.18
₦ 1,000 ¥ 16.37