What are 3600 funds?

PPBE Process

Appropriation Numerical Codes
Appropriations Accounts (Available) Navy Air Force
Research and Development (R&D) (2 Years) 1319 3600
Procurement (3 Years)
– Aircraft 1506 3010

What are 3010 funds?

Allowance of Procurement (3010) funds to be obligated for projects (contracts) that cross fiscal years, and 3.) Utilization of Procurement (3010) funds while they are in their Expired Phase.

What can you use RDT&E funds for?

The regulation states RDT&E funds can be used for research, development, test and evaluation efforts performed by contractors and government installations, including procurement of end items, weapons, equipment, components, materials and services required for development of equipment, material, or computer application

What is Milpers funding?

Military Personnel (MILPERS) appropriations fund costs of salaries and other compensation for active and retired military personnel and reserve forces based on end strength.

What are procurement funds?

Procurement funding is used for the acquisition of production articles, including procurement and production direct support costs such as production testing, quality assurance, and production engineering, equipment assembly whether performed under contract or in-house when required to produce and deliver a usable end-

What are 3400 funds?

PPBE Process

Appropriation Numerical Codes
Appropriations Accounts (Available) Navy Air Force
MILPERS (1 Year) 1453 3500
Operations and Maintenance (O&M) (1 Year) 1804 3400
Military Construction (MILCON) (5 Years) 1205 3300

How long is RDT&E money good for?

Research Development Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) Budget
2-year availability of funds authorized for the Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation appropriation provides the necessary flexibility for program execution in those circumstances.

What are 6.4 funds?

[6.4] Advanced Component Development and Prototypes (ACD&P). Efforts necessary to evaluate integrated technologies, representative modes, or prototype systems in a high fidelity and realistic operating environment are funded in this budget activity.

What does RDT&E mean?

Research, Development, Test and Evaluation

The Physical Security Equipment (PSE) Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) Program is. the primary mechanism by which DoD achieves this goal.

What are 3080 funds?

3080 is procurement appropriation which means full funding policy. Normally if the funds are for a new delivery lot, we would put it on a separate CLIN because that way the program office can effectively track and the contractor can bill for end items. Contractors deliver and bill for end items at the CLIN level.

Can you incrementally fund with O&M funds?

You may have statutory authority (Civil Works Revolving Fund 33. U.S.C. 576) to incrementally fund your contract with civil works O&M.

What is the difference between appropriated and nonappropriated funds?

A non-appropriated fund is controlled by statute or other law rather than by the Legislature through the general or special appropriation process. A non-appropriated fund is controlled by the amount of cash that is in the fund and has continuous spending authority in that it does not require further legislative action.

What can appropriated funds be used for?

As a rule, appropriated funds may only be used for authorized purposes; therefore, appropriated funds may be used to purchase trinkets only if there is specific statutory authority to do so or if it is a necessary expense of the agency.

What are the DoD colors of money?

Colors of money, like lots of concepts in defense-speak, is misleading but not inaccurate. There is, in fact, no actual money. Neither are there colors. Congress gives DOD budget authority, that is, but the authorization to obligate the government to pay bills with appropriated funds.

What are the 3 phases of appropriation life cycle?

Each appropriation category has three distinct periods during its lifecycle: current period, expired period, and cancelled period. Below is a description of each period, including the timing of each period and possible uses of appropriated funds during that period.

What is meant by colors of money?

the ‘color of money’ refers to the different categories of budget dollars and the specific uses on which they may be spent. Under-execution of funds in one area can result in future budget cuts.

What is no year funding?

No Year Appropriations — Appropriations available for obligations for an indefinite period of time without fiscal year limitation. They are available until they are used up.

What does defense wide mean?

“Defense-wide” refers to DoD organizations outside of the military departments—what is also known collectively as the “ Fourth Estate.” These organizations include the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), the Joint Staff, the Combatant Commands, the defense agencies, and DoD field activities.

What is a DoD budget activity?

A Budget Activity (BA) is a category within each appropriation and fund account that identifies the purposes, projects, or types of activities financed by the appropriation or fund.

What is DOD RDT&E?

The Department of Defense (DOD) conducts research, development, testing, and evaluation (RDT&E) in support of its mission requirements. The work funded by these appropriations plays a central role in the nation’s security and an important role in U.S. global leadership in science and technology.

Which of the following information is displayed in the R 3 budget exhibit?

The R-3 exhibit provides detailed cost for each project under a program element in budget activities 4, 5 and 7, with funding of $1 million or more in any budget year covered by the budget request.