Is Orange Jade valuable?

You will know the most valuable varieties of jade based on color and place of origin. And many, many more.

Jade Value (Price) per Different Colors.

Color of jade Price
orange $70 – 1,600 per gram
spinach $350 – 2,200 per gram
dark green $30 – 800 per gram
mutton fat (top-quality white nephrite jade) $1,500 per gram

Which color of jade is most valuable?


Jadeite comes in a wide range of colors. The most valuable is an intense green called Imperial.

Can you get orange jade?

Jade is a beautiful stone that can be green, lavender, orange, red, yellow, or white. It’s quality is graded A, B, and C, depending on how it’s been treated.

How do I know if my jade is valuable?

Opaque jadeite or stones with cloudy patches typically have the least value, and semi-transparent jadeite, in which light can penetrate below the surface, is the most highly prized. Interestingly, jadeite with good transparency can be highly valued even when its color is uneven or low in saturation.

What is the rarest type of jade?

Type A jadeite

Type A jadeite is completely natural and is the most valuable and rarest type of jade. Jadeite which has been bleached and impregnanted with polymers. The bleaching improves the color by reducing brown hues. The impregnantion with polymers is done to strengthen the jade and improve clarity and transparency.

How do I tell real jade from fake?

Quote from video: And look for imperfections like pits or other marks look for slight variations in color throughout the stone real Jade is typically not going to look absolutely.

What is Grade A jade?

Grade A means that the jade is completely natural with absolutely zero treatment. This is the highest quality jadeite there is. Grade B means that it has been treated by being bleached or soaked in hydrochloric/sulfuric acid.

Is Orange Jade natural?

While many people associate a rich green color with Jade gemstones, the naturally occurring material can be found in lavender, orange, blue, black, yellow, red, and white. It can be difficult to distinguish between jadeite and nephrite which is why it’s so common to use the term Jade to encompass both gemstones.

What is orange jade called?


Jade is a semi-precious gemstone. It can come from two unique types of crystals—nephrite and jadeite. Nephrite is found in mid- to dark-green, while rarer colors of nephrite include orange and white jade. Nephrite is the more common and less valuable form of jade.

Is orange jade dyed?

Only gemologists can identify dying for sure. Lavender, orange, and white colors of jade are extremely rare; however, they can be absolutely natural! Sometimes these incredible colors occur as a result of dyeing.

What is the price of jade today?

Jade Value (Price) per Different Colors

Color of jade Price
grey $7 – 60 per gram
light green $500 – 1,500 per gram *up to $1,500 per carat
yellow $70 – 1,600 per gram
blue $50 – 1,500 per gram

What do different colors of jade mean?

Green is for friendship, harmony, and renewal. Red is for energy, life, and love. Yellow is for optimism, success, and generosity. Orange is for ambition, vitality, and libido.

Does real jade glow in the dark?

Natural jade can occur in various colors (white, brown, red, orange, black), not only green. Real jade cannot be scratched by steel and glass. There are no bubbles or dye concentrations in real jade. Natural jade doesn’t glow under UV light.

Does jade break if dropped?

Because of its interlocking crystalline structure, it’s very very good for daily wear. Disclosure: Jadeite is tough, but it will break if hit really hard against something.

What’s the difference between jade and jadeite?

Jade is a hard, usually green gemstone, having two varieties as jadeite and nephrite. Jadeite is the rarer, more expensive form of jade, having a high quality.

Does real jade change color?

Thankfully, the truth about natural, untreated jadeite jade is that it will in fact not change color over time. Natural jade is impervious to perfumes, oils, and most cold acids.

What shade of green jade is the most valuable?

The most valuable color of jade is vivid, semi-transparent intense-green, sometimes known as Imperial. For jadeite jade vivid green is the most valuable color, however for nephrite jade, which rarely reaches Imperial green color, white color is more valuable than green.

What is black jade worth?

around $3 million

How Much is Black Jade Worth? The price per carat of black jadeite is around $3 million, while nephrite can typically be found for less, being the more common of the two minerals.

What does the color jade represent?

Jade symbolizes prosperity, success, and good luck. It is also a symbol of renewal, longevity, and even immortality. The Chinese call jade 玉 (or yù).

How many colors of jade are there?

Jade Color

Jadeite is most prized in its pure green variety, but can be found in many colors ranging from red, pink, black, brown, white, and even violet with variations of colors overlapping one another.

What color is deep jade?


The stone itself is typically of a green hue, but variations of it can range anywhere from a pale green/brown to near black. The color name “Jade” itself can refer to several shades of green.

Does jade change color with age?

However, this is truly only just a myth! The intensity of the colour of Jade will only change due to dirt or grease that can sometimes get trapped on the surface, or if the Jade piece has undergone colour treatment, gradually fading to its original state as time passes.