How much is a Series 6 license?

In order to obtain any securities license, a person must pass the SIE. The Series 6 exam costs $75; the Series 7 costs $300; the Series 63 costs $147; the Series 65 costs $187; and the Series 66 costs $177.

Is a Series 6 hard to get?

Series 6 Exam FAQs
A: The Series 6 exam is fairly difficult. FINRA reports that the pass rate for the exam is only 58%. Make sure to study well ahead of time if you want to pass on your first try.

Can I take the Series 6 on my own?

To take the Series 6 exam, you must be sponsored by a FINRA member firm or a self-regulatory organization (SRO). Firms apply for candidates to take the exam by filing a Uniform Application for Security Industry Registration or Transfer (Form U4).

How long does it take to get a Series 6?

Most candidates spend 40 to 60 hours studying for the FINRA Series 6 exam.

Which is better Series 6 or 7 license?

The Series 7 is the tougher but more comprehensive exam of the two. It allows you to deal with almost any type of security, from stocks to bonds to investment trusts and funds, that a professional or retail investor would want.

What does a Series 6 allow you to sell?

With Series 6, an individual can purchase or sell certain types of mutual funds, variable life insurance, municipal fund securities, variable annuities, and unit investment trusts.

Is a Series 6 license worth it?

The Series 6 license is good for a professional pursuing a career as a financial planner or as an insurance agent. Once you’ve passed the Series 6, you are then eligible to take Series 26, the Investment Company and Variable Contracts Products Principal Exam.

How much can you make with Series 6?

How much does a Series 6 make? As of Nov 2, 2022, the average annual pay for a Series 6 in the United States is $65,668 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $31.57 an hour.

What can I sell with a Series 6 and 63?

In order to sell securities or variable insurance in any state in the US, you will need both the Series 6 and Series 63 licenses.

Do you need a bachelors for Series 6?

Note: While FINRA does not specify education requirements for a Series 6 license, most candidates employed by a sponsoring firm have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. Before earning a Series 6 license, a candidate must also pass FINRA’s SIE (Securities Industry Essentials) exam.

How do I pass the Series 6 exam?

Tips for Passing the Series 6

  1. Skip tough questions and come back to them.
  2. The test generally begins and ends with easier questions; therefore, the more difficult questions are found in the middle.
  3. Don’t second guess yourself.
  4. Read each question completely, and then carefully consider each of the answers.
  5. Don’t rush.

How many hours is Series 6 exam?

Therefore, candidates should attempt to answer all items. Candidates will be allowed 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the Series 6 exam.

Do you need a Series 6 to sell a variable annuity?

If you want to sell investment company securities, variable annuities, mutual funds or variable life insurance products in your state, you will need a Series 6 license. A Series 6 license requires you to take and pass both a Securites Industries Essentials Exam and the Series 6 Top-Off Exam.

Is it worth upgrading from Series 6 to 7?

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How hard is the Series 6 and 63 exam?

The Series 6 exam could be considered difficult since it only has a pass rate of 59%. If you give yourself an appropriate amount of time to prepare, and follow a solid study plan, you’ll likely pass the Series 6 on your first try.

Which exam is harder Sie or 6?

Overall, the Series 6 difficulty level is somewhat comparable to the SIE exam difficulty. Both tests are certainly digestible, but require enough memory work to weed out anyone not willing to put in sufficient effort. It takes most of our students about 1 to 1.5 months to study for the exam.

What score do you need to pass the Series 6 exam?


You Only Need 70% to Pass
Remember that 70% is the passing grade for the Series 6 exam. 1 If a candidate focuses their preparation energies on the portions of the test that will have the greatest number of questions, the odds are much greater of a first-time pass.

How many people fail the SIE?

What Is the Pass Rate for the SIE? The passing score for the SIE exam is 70%, but will be adjusted to equalize the specific mix of questions each candidate faces. This way everyone tests on a level playing field. The average rate at which candidates pass the SIE on their first try is 74%.