How much is a PJ’s Coffee franchise?

What is the franchise fee of PJ’s Coffee?

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required $75,000
Franchise fee $30,000
Royalty 6.0%
Units in operation 90
Franchising Since 1978

Who owns PJs coffee?

In 2008, PJ’s was purchased by New Orleans natives and brothers Paul, Steven and Scott Ballard of Ballard Brands. They have a restaurant portfolio of various brands, with nearly 150 locations throughout the United States, but have stayed rooted to New Orleans and the soul of coffee.

Is PJs coffee a chain?

PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans is an American chain of retail coffeehouses. PJ’s was founded with a single shop in the Carrollton neighborhood of New Orleans in September 1978 by Phyllis Jordan (thus the initials “PJ”).

Is PJ’s Coffee Only in Louisiana?

The first PJ’s Coffee shop opened in 1978 in Uptown New Orleans. The chain has since grown to more than 125 coffeehouses located across Louisiana, the United States, Kuwait and Vietnam.

How much do PJ’s Coffee owners make?

How much do PJ’s Coffee franchise owners make?

Average High
Gross Sales $868,356 $1,051,422
Gross Profit $495,822 $594,483
EBITDA $127,497 $200,138

Is it profitable to open a coffee shop?

According to several independent studies, an owner of a medium-sized coffee shop can make anywhere between $50.000 and $250.000 per year, depending on the location.

How much is it for a Starbucks franchise?

Initial Start-Up Funding

The average cost to license a Starbucks store is $315,000. You’ll also need $700,000 in liquid assets to be considered.

What does pjs stand for in pjs coffee?

Phyllis Jordan

Phyllis Jordan (“PJ”) opened the first store in 1978 on Maple Street in the Crescent City. Then, in 2008, the company was purchased by New Orleans natives and brothers Paul, Steven, and Scott Ballard. It’s only natural that PJ’s Coffee would desire to be a part of recognizing New Orleans’ 300th anniversary.

How many locations does PJ’s Coffee have?

PJ’s Coffee has 117 locations open and operating nationally and internationally.

What is the most successful coffee chain?


Starbucks is by far the most popular coffee chain in the world, with over 30,000 stores around the globe. One of the largest reasons for their success is tied to how they transformed coffee culture in major countries such as the United States.

What coffee does pjs use?

arabica coffee beans

PJ’s Coffee utilizes only the best quality arabica coffee beans, sourcing 14 origin coffees from Ethiopia to Honduras, Columbia to Nicaragua. This gourmet coffee is small batch roasted in 300lbs or less by Roastmaster Felton Jones, who alone has over 25 years of experience with PJ’s Coffee.

What chain has best coffee?

8 Coffee Shop Chains With the Best Quality Coffee In America

  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.
  • Caffe Ladro.
  • Peet’s Coffee and Tea.
  • Rook Coffee.
  • La Colombe Coffee Roasters.
  • PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans.
  • Philz Coffee.
  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

What is the richest coffee company?

Top Coffee Brands in the World by Revenue 2020

Rank Coffee Brand Revenue (USD billions)
1 Nescafé 99.71
2 Starbucks 26.5
3 McCafé 21.07
4 Tim Hortons 3

What’s the profit margin on a coffee shop?

Since the startup cost and stock prices of a coffee shop are much lower than most businesses, the coffee shop profit margin is extremely high. You can even expect up to 93.5% gross profit for every cup of coffee you sell.

What is the average profit margin on coffee?

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How much does a coffee franchise owner make?

Coffee Shop Owner’s Salary

Owners of small to medium-sized coffee shops can make anywhere from $60,000-$160,000 annually . Usually, the owner’s salary is between 2% and 6% of the restaurant’s sales. In a small operation, your salary may be a higher percentage of the profits, relative to how much labor you put in.

What is the cost of a Starbucks franchise?

What are the Financial requirements for a Starbucks licensed store? You need to pay the licensing fee of between $50,000 – $315,000 and you must have over $1,000,000 in liquid assets to be considered for a licensed store by Starbucks.

How much money do I need to open up a coffee shop?

The average cost to open a single coffee shop with seating is between $80,000-$300,000. The cost of opening a coffee food truck or kiosk is on the lower end (closer to $60,000 for the minimum possible cost), and including both seating and drive-thru coffee is higher and can reach the $300,000+ range.

What is the franchise cost of tea time?

A middle-class family also can afford to start the teatime 5 Lakhs is the total amount required to start a unit franchise of Tea Time. In that franchise fee, We offer marketing and the complete start up kit consists of the movable equipment’s (Refrigerator, Deep Freezer, Stoves, Utensils etc.)

What is the monthly income of a tea stall?

After calculating extra costs to this, a cup of tea would cost you around 3.5-5 Rupees. If you own a stall and sell a cup for 10-20 Rupees, you have a profit margin of about Rs. 15. For a Chai Business, where you can set higher prices, your profits could be up to 55-60 Rs per cup.

Do tea shops make money?

A tea shop on a busy intersection in a major city that offers lunch might have an annual profit of hundreds of thousands of dollars, while a shop in a small town that only sells tea might have a profit of tens of thousands of dollars after wages (including the owner’s wages) and other expenses are accounted for.