How heavy is an IBC tote?

Poly Composite IBC Tote Tank Dimensions

Poly Composite IBCs
Nominal Capacity 275 gallon 330 gallon
Height including pallet 46 inches 53 inches
Weight, w/ steel pallet 130 lbs. 150 lbs.
Weight, w/ plastic pallet 139 lbs. 159 lbs.

How heavy is an empty IBC tote?

135 lbs.

Weight (Empty) 135 lbs.

How much does a full IBC tote weigh?

It Weighs Almost as Much as a Baby Elephant

Each of these highly efficient, 330-gallon IBC totes weighs approximately 145-195 pounds. To put this in perspective, this is just shy of the weight of a baby elephant.

How heavy is an empty IBC tank?

around 65 kilos

IBCs can be produced in a number of different capacities, with the most common size being 1,000 litres. A standard 1,000-litre IBC complete with a nozzle and steel cage weighs in at around 65 kilos when empty.

How heavy is an empty tote?

Quick answer – 120 – 140 pounds (depending on tank size and material tote cage is made of) There are two ways to find out.

How high can you stack IBC?

2 to 3 high

In general, intermediate bulk containers manufactured as stackable are acceptable for stacking 2 to 3 high, some up to 4 in select scenarios. Most IBCs are suitable for 2 high full stacking; 3 high full stacking is mostly recommended for smaller capacity IBCs.

How much does a 250 gallon water tote weigh?

Poly-Mart 250 Gallon Vertical Water Storage Tank

SKU BM-30245
Mfr. Part Number 30245
Capacity 250 Gallons
Dimensions 36″D x 66″H
Weight 75 lbs.

How much does a new IBC tote cost?

IBC tote capacities range from 110 gallons up to 550 gallons. Prices range from $180 to $3,500.

How much would 275 gallons of water weigh?

How many lbs is 275 gallons? Answer: 2294.9850 pounds (lbs).

How many IBC can fit in a 20 container?

18 IBCs

As is common knowledge, standard 1000 litre IBCs when stuffed in a standard shipping container (20 ft. FCL) fit only 18 IBCs.

How long will an IBC tank last?

Rigid HDPE IBCs have seen over 10 years of service. Carbon and stainless steel IBC tanks have seen over 20 years of work life.

How hot can an IBC Tote get?

Here are a few quick tips. Make sure to always reference the maximum temperature rating of your specific IBC totes—while many have a max temp of 160 degrees Fahrenheit, there is some variation—to ensure that your goods are stored in the proper container.

How many IBC can fit in a 40 container?

Number of Standard IBCs Per Shipping Container

Equipment Interior Dimensions Number of IBCs
40′ High Cube Shipping Container L: 12.03m (39’6″) W: 2.35m (7’8″) H: 2.69m (8’10”) 36 – 300 Gal IBCs 36 – 350 Gal IBCs 18 – 550 Gal IBCs

How long can you store water in IBC tote?

How long will it keep? Commercially packaged water can be stored for about 5 years; home filled stored water should be changed annually. Stored water will go flat but can be aerated prior to consumption by pouring it between two containers a few times.

How do I move my IBC totes?

Both stainless IBCs and poly totes can be moved by fork lift or pallet jack. Stainless totes have direct contact with the fork, but feature built-in lifting legs for easy positioning. Poly totes have a rigid pallet underneath. Anytime you move a poly container by fork, be aware of the real risk of puncture.

Can you use an IBC for drinking water?

Water IBC Totes are intermediate bulk containers designated for the handling, storage, and transportation of potable and non-potable water. They are highly reusable for water use applications only.

How heavy is a 275 gallon water tote?

Quick Overview. Tare weight: 132 lbs.

How much does a 1000l water tank weigh?


Material HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
Volume 1000 L (275 Gallons)
Weight 138.5 lbs.
Diameter 48″ X 40″
Height 45.4″

How much does 275 gallon of water weigh?

How many lbs is 275 gallons? Answer: 2294.9850 pounds (lbs).

What are the dimensions of a 275 gallon IBC tote?

Size dimensions for 275 gallon IBC totes are 45”L x 40”W, near common pallet measurements.

Can you stack full IBC tanks?

CAN YOU STACK FULL IBC CONTAINERS? Full IBC containers can be stacked if they’re on their steel pallet mounts. In fact, that is what rigid IBC water tanks are designed to do. With appropriate safety measures in place, and staff training, they can be stacked vertically for storage and transport.

How much does a new IBC tote cost?

IBC tote capacities range from 110 gallons up to 550 gallons. Prices range from $180 to $3,500.