How does a Murabaha work?

In a murabaha contract of sale, a client petitions a bank to purchase an item on their behalf. Complying with the client’s request, the bank establishes a contract setting the cost and profit for the item, with repayment typically in installments.

How does murabaha method work?

In a murabaha transaction, a financing party buys an asset that has been identified by its client (borrower) from a third-party and then sells that asset to the borrower for the original purchase price plus a profit element (generally calculated based on a benchmark figure such as LIBOR).

What are the basic rules of murabaha?

Murabaha Basic rules for Murabaha financing: • Asset to be sold must exist. Sale price should be determined. Sale must be unconditional. Assets to be sold: a) Should not be used for un-Islamic purpose.

What is murabaha in Islamic?

Murabaha is an Islamic financing structure that works as a sales contract, fixing the price of goods or items as required by a customer, inclusive of a pre-agreed profit margin.

How is murabaha profit calculated?

Profit= [Amount Financed (F) * Profit Rate(R) * Term of financing] Profit= [1,000,000*5%*60/12] = 250,000. In case of an early payment, the customer may get a rebate.

Why do we use murabaha?

The purpose of murabaha is to finance a purchase without involving interest payments, which most Muslims (particularly most scholars) consider riba (usury) and thus haram (forbidden). Murabaha has come to be “the most prevalent” or “default” type of Islamic finance.

Is murabaha Halal or Haram?


In case of Murabaha, the bank sells an asset and charges profit which is a trade activity declared halal (valid) in the Islamic Shariah. Whereas giving loan and charging interest thereupon is pure interest-based transaction declared haram (prohibited) by Islamic Shariah.

What is Mudarabah with examples?

Sample 1. Mudarabah means any amounts given by or to the financial institution for the purpose of doing business on the basis of sharing of the profits and losses; Sample 1. Mudarabah means a form of partnership where one partner provides funds, while other provides expertise and management.

What are the requirements of valid Murabaha contract?

Specifically for Murabahah contract, the seller must clearly disclose the price and the profit margin to buyer. The offer and acceptance between the seller and buyers must also fulfil the condition for valid contract.