How do I use my Voyager Fleet Card?

1 If the gas station has readers located at the pump, you may use your magnetic stripe or EMV Voyager Fleet Card at the pump. If there are no pump card readers, see the attendant inside to process your transaction. 2 Swipe or insert your card at the pump card reader.

How do I use my Voyager credit card?

Voyager Card Use Guide

  1. If the gas station has readers located at the pump, you may use your Voyager Fleet Card at the pump.
  2. Swipe your card at the pump card reader.
  3. If the pump terminal requires you to choose either “Credit” or “Debit”, press the “Credit” key.

Where can I use my Voyager fleet card?

Accepted at 95% of Fuel Stations Nationwide

  • 7-Eleven.
  • Admiral Petroleum.
  • Aloha Petroleum.
  • Ameristop.
  • Amoco.
  • BP.
  • Caribe.
  • Casey’s.

How does a fleet gas card work?

Fleet fuel cards are a business-facing product that let companies purchase fuel and maintenance for their “fleet” of vehicles with ease. Once a company signs up for fleet cards for their employees, they can utilize a network of gas stations and merchants in order to fuel up and take care of maintenance on the road.

How do I use my fleet card at pump?

Before your first trip, get your unique driver ID number from your manager and have it handy for when you get fuel. Swipe the card that is assigned to your vehicle, enter the odometer reading, enter your driver ID number, then fill the tank. Just swipe and go.

Can you withdraw money from a fleet card?

How does my WEX FLEET ONE Card work? You can use your WEX FLEET ONE card to make purchases at WEX FLEET ONE locations and withdraw cash from ATMs, up to your daily limit.

Can I use a fleet card at Walmart?

Fleetcor cards will now be accepted at 900 Walmart and Sam’s Club fueling locations under the agreement between Fleetcor and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. that was announced Nov. 1. Commercial drivers can also use the card at more than 2,500 Walmart Auto Care centers.

What can you purchase with a fleet card?

Fleet cards can be used for maintenance at accepting locations, and certain product types in convenience stores, but most fleet cards’ primary use is for fuel. Unlike corporate credit cards, which can be used on a broad range of expenses, fleet cards are usually only used for vehicle expenses.

What is a Voyager fleet card?

The Voyager Mastercard enables drivers to pay for all fleet-related expenses. And while they are on the road, fleet managers have the visibility to control purchases and minimize risk with advanced fleet management and reporting tools.

Can you use a fleet card for food?

The Fleet Card cannot be used for personal vehicles or for the purchase of items such as food or sundries (personal items).

Can you buy food with a fuel card?

Fuel cards are essentially credit cards that are limited to fuel-related payments only.

Can I use a fuel card for personal use?

Unfortunately, fuel cards are not suitable for personal use; this is because to complete the application process, a fuel card needs to be registered against a company.

Are fleet cards credit cards?

What Are Fleet Cards? Fleet cards are a type of payment card that allows businesses to manage expenses associated with the vehicles they own and operate. Fleet cards, also known as fuel cards, act just like charge cards and are provided by major oil and/or specialized credit companies.

Can you use a fleet card for food?

The Fleet Card cannot be used for personal vehicles or for the purchase of items such as food or sundries (personal items).

How does the Voyager debit card work?

Link your bank account to Voyager and transfer USD using your routing and bank account number. Purchase USD Coin (USDC) once you deposit USD. Wait for the transaction to clear. Then you can spend on the card and earn rewards on your USDC account balance of $100 or more.

Can you use Shell fleet card anywhere?

With the flexibility to fuel anywhere, the Shell Fleet Navigator Card is accepted at every major U.S. fuel station—45,000 service locations, too. Plus, you save up to 5¢ per gallon when you fill up at nearly 13,000 Shell locations.

What can you buy with Wex fleet card?

WEX cards are always able to purchase fuel, and you can allow (or limit) purchases in the following categories: Automotive Parts & Service, Quick Lube, Oils & Fluids, Roadside Assistance and General Merchandise.

Can I withdraw money from my WEX card?

Participants cannot get cash with the WEX Health Payment card.

Can you get cash with WEX card?

Truck stop cash outs: If a driver needs a cash advance for any reason, WEX OTR fleet cards or fuel cards can be pre-loaded with funds so drivers can get cash at participating truck stops without a fee. Drivers don’t have to purchase anything – just simply pick up the cash and move on down the road.