How do I find my routing number for safe credit union?

The SAFE credit union routing number is 321173742. Just like your account number, you can find the routing number printed at the bottom of your SAFE checks. You can also find the routing number when you log in to your SAFE account through online banking.

How do I find my credit union number?

You can find your Member Number in the upper right corner of the first page of your account statement or in Digital Banking (either desktop or the mobile app). To locate your Member Number in Digital Banking, log in and click on any deposit account.

What is my account number safe?

Your SAFE credit union checking account number is printed at the bottom of your SAFE checks. You can also find your account number by logging in to your account through SAFE online banking. When submitting your account number for electronic transactions, you must leave out leading zeros and the check number.

What is an account suffix safe credit union?

It’s a piece of information that identifies the exact account. For example, checking, savings, auto loan, etc. In the mobile app, the suffix is found next to the account name on the Accounts page.

How many digits is an account number?

Account numbers may be up to 17 digits long. Some banks list the routing number first on the check, while other banks list the account number first, and still more list the routing number, check number, then account number.

Is the member number the same as the account number?

Your Member Number identifies your membership as a whole, while an Account Number is a unique 14-digit number assigned to a specific account. Each account type (checking, savings, loan) will have a different Account Number.

What is the ACH number?

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. To find your ACH routing number, first check your checkbook. It may be the nine-digit number to the left of your account number. ACH is an electronic money transfer system that lets individuals receive or send payments via the Federal ACH network of banks in the United States.

Where do I find my routing number?

Find Your Routing Number on a Check
You can find your routing number in the bottom left corner of a check.

How do I find my bank’s routing number?

You can find the ABA routing number at the bottom of your checks. The ABA Routing Number is the left-most number, followed by your account number, and then by the number of the check.