Does simple bank have checks?

Is Simple a real checking account?

Simple was a free digital checking account designed to be used mostly on your smartphone. It was shut down in early 2021.

What bank does simple bank use?


You won’t lose your account status or assets since Simple is owned by BBVA USA, the FDIC-insured bank that acquired Simple in 2018. For now, Simple account holders will go on using the app as usual and, later this year, BBVA USA will convert Simple accounts to BBVA accounts.

Can I still use Simple checks?

The good news is your money is safe. It is already with BBVA. You won’t lose any money! You can continue to use your Simple debit card and checking account since your routing number and bank account number will stay the same.

Why is simple bank closing?

It was purchased by BBVA in 2014. BBVA said in January that it would be shutting down Simple later in 2021. The decision came from the company “reassessing its goals” as part of a planned sale to PNC Bank, which reached an agreement to acquire BBVA’s US operations in November 2020.

How do I get money out of my simple bank account?

You can withdraw funds from your account at any time by submitting a withdrawal request from your Simple Savings dashboard. It can take up to 4 business days for the withdrawal to be completed depending on your bank.

What are the benefits of Simple checking?

Simple Checking Features

  • No monthly maintenance fee1
  • Easily Pay Bills, Transfer Money, and Deposit Checks.
  • Efficiently manage all of your finances in one place with our personal finance management tool.
  • Debit Card Rewards.
  • 50% off first order of Basic Style Checks.