Ryobi Battery Interchangeability: A Comprehensive Guide

Ryobi’s One+ range of power tools and garden tools offers a convenient solution for users who desire a versatile and interchangeable battery system. This article delves into the compatibility aspects of Ryobi batteries, drawing upon information from reputable sources such as Direct Power Tools, Bunnings Workshop, and Amazon customer questions and answers.

Key Facts

  1. Ryobi One+ Range: The Ryobi One+ range includes a variety of power tools that use 18v Lithium-Ion batteries. These batteries have a “push in” style fitting that is completely interchangeable with the entire range of One+ tools. The system is also compatible with the older style “push in” One+ NiCad batteries.
  2. Battery Compatibility: The 18v and 36v batteries used in Ryobi tools are different and not interchangeable. Tools that are labeled as 18v can interchange their batteries with other 18v units, while 36v tools can interchange their batteries with other 36v tools. The 36v tools and batteries are exclusive to the gardening machines.
  3. Considerations: If you want to use the same battery system for both your lawnmower and drill, you may want to consider using the 18v Ryobi mowers instead of the 36v machines. This way, you can have all the same system of batteries.

Ryobi One+ Range: A Unified Battery System

The Ryobi One+ range comprises a wide selection of 18v power tools and garden tools that utilize Lithium-Ion batteries. These batteries feature a “push in” style fitting, ensuring complete interchangeability across the entire range of One+ tools. Additionally, the system is backward compatible with the older style “push in” One+ NiCad batteries, providing users with a seamless transition to the latest battery technology.

18v and 36v Battery Compatibility

Ryobi employs two distinct battery systems: 18v and 36v. These batteries are not interchangeable, meaning that tools labeled as 18v can only use 18v batteries, while 36v tools require 36v batteries. Notably, the 36v tools and batteries are exclusively designed for gardening machines, providing enhanced power and runtime for demanding tasks.

Considerations for Battery Selection

When selecting a Ryobi battery system, several factors warrant consideration. If the intended use involves both power tools and garden tools, opting for the 18v system may be advantageous. This allows for the utilization of the same battery across various tools, eliminating the need for multiple battery types. Conversely, if the primary focus is on gardening tasks, the 36v system offers superior power and runtime, making it ideal for larger gardens or more intensive applications.


Ryobi’s One+ range provides users with a flexible and interchangeable battery system, enabling the seamless operation of multiple tools with a single battery. The 18v and 36v battery systems cater to different needs, with the 18v system offering versatility and the 36v system providing enhanced power for gardening tasks. By carefully considering the intended use and battery requirements, users can select the optimal Ryobi battery system for their specific needs.


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Can I use Ryobi NiCad batteries in lithium-powered tools?

No, Ryobi NiCad batteries are not compatible with lithium-powered tools. The two battery types have different chemistries and voltage levels, making them incompatible with each other.

Can I use lithium batteries in NiCad-powered tools?

No, lithium batteries cannot be used in NiCad-powered tools. Similar to the previous question, the different chemistries and voltage levels prevent interchangeability.

Are Ryobi One+ NiCad and lithium batteries interchangeable?

Yes, Ryobi One+ NiCad and lithium batteries are interchangeable. The Ryobi One+ system is designed to allow for the use of both battery types in all One+ tools.

Do Ryobi 18v and 36v batteries work together?

No, Ryobi 18v and 36v batteries are not interchangeable. The two battery systems operate at different voltages and are designed for different tools.

Can I use the same charger for Ryobi NiCad and lithium batteries?

No, you cannot use the same charger for Ryobi NiCad and lithium batteries. Each battery type requires a specific charger designed for its unique chemistry and voltage requirements.

Are Ryobi NiCad and lithium batteries equally powerful?

No, Ryobi lithium batteries are generally more powerful than NiCad batteries. Lithium batteries offer higher energy density, providing more power and longer runtime for tools.

Which battery type should I choose for my Ryobi tools?

The choice between NiCad and lithium batteries depends on your specific needs and preferences. Lithium batteries offer superior power and runtime but are typically more expensive than NiCad batteries. NiCad batteries are more affordable but have lower power and shorter runtime.

Where can I find more information about Ryobi batteries?

You can find more information about Ryobi batteries on the Ryobi website, in user manuals, or by contacting Ryobi customer support.