Are Kasasa accounts FDIC insured?

Myth 1 — Kasasa accounts are not FDIC / NCUA insured Kasasa partners with financial institutions — both credit unions and community banks — and all of them are insured by either the FDIC, NCUA, or ASI. Deposits at community banks are FDIC insured up to $250,000.

Is a Kasasa account worth it?

For many people, the Kasasa account can be an easy way to boost the return on cash savings. “It’s a good way to put all or most of your emergency fund into an account that’s going to earn a higher rate of return without sacrificing safety or liquidity,” said Greg McBride, senior financial analyst at

What is a Kasasa bank account?

Kasasa is a financial services company that teams up with small institutions to offer competitive accounts. Kasasa accounts offer high interest rates and cash-back rewards. You get the rewards that often come with bigger online banks, with the perks of banking locally.

Who owns kasasa Ltd?

Riverside Company

Kasasa was acquired by Riverside Company on Jan 1, 2016 .

Is Kasasa cash back a checking account?

Kasasa Cash Back is a free variable rewards checking account with no minimum balance that rewards members with cash back on their PIN-based/signature-based debit card purchases and nationwide ATM fee refunds when they meet minimum qualifications during the account’s Monthly Qualification Cycle.

How do Kasasa accounts work?

Kasasa Saver® is a free account that puts saving on autopilot. Your ATM fee refunds and interest or cash back from Kasasa Cash or Kasasa Cash Back are automatically deposited into this account, which also gets high interest, making saving super easy.

Who is the CEO of Kasasa?

Gabriel Krajicek

Gabriel Krajicek
Gabe is captain of Kasasa®. CEO since 2005, he has provided more than 900 community banks and credit unions with banking technology and marketing services, including the nationally branded Kasasa product suite.

What are the Kasasa qualifications?

To qualify for Kasasa Cash Back rewards, you must : (1) Have at least twelve (12) debit card point of sale transactions post and clear your account per monthly “qualification cycle” (Does not include ATM transactions); (2) Sign into online banking at least once per monthly “qualification cycle”; and (3) Have at least

Where is Kasasa located?

Kasasa by BancVue Rank
Kasasa by BancVue’s headquarters is located at 4516 Seton Center Pkwy., Austin.