Angola: a civil society divested from its civil rights.


do santosAngola: a civil society divested from its civil rights.

By Prof. Ngola Kiluange

Washington, d.c. – While Eduardo dos Santos strives to provide a relatively calm about the political, economic and ethical crisis prevailing in the country, his political opponents inside and outside the ruling party seems to be increasingly staked on the next general ballot, scheduled for August of 2017.

Such is life in the world of politics: get the final reason through the electoral applications to legitimize the authority of the State.

Yet the bet of such reason becomes more questionable knowing the number of our fellow citizens plunged in the midst of so much poverty , social calamity, degrading and inhuman health and hygiene conditions in national hospitals , lack of medicines , medical care, food , basic nursing instruments, etc.

However, the ‘subversive’ ethnic conflict (instigated by the regime in power), covert racism, systematic social exclusion, premeditated murders and culture of impunity, generation gap,

dysfunctional legal system, poor management and equitable distribution of public money, weak State institutions, etc., have caused serious damage to property, social and moral kind of unbridled corruption and embezzlement embarrassing our exchequer, all promoted by the President of the Republic.

It is hard to believe, for instance, that our governing system resembles a mafia administration scheme based on coercion and coercion, extortion, bribery, nepotism, favoritism,, compulsive and deliberate lies …

And often we forget that this behavior is a result of a far away unchallenged governance with its foundations firmly on intolerance and disrespect the rights of others to be and think differently.

If we had established a Committee of national reconciliation after the end of civil war, we would have saved many souls unprotected and sacrificed deliberately.

We would also have the ability to prevent the killer instincts of the old guard (acquired during the struggle against the Portuguese colonialism) continue to endanger the lives of peaceful and defenseless citizens

Allow José Eduardo dos Santos paralyze the country until general elections of August 2017 – is playing Russian roulette with the lives of more than 22 million Angolans … and give him opportunities to use most repressive mechanisms against the legitimate challenge of his Government.

Angola, bear in mind, is the last bastion of Russia in Africa and of course Eduardo dos Santos would never falter in making use of such military protection to impose his own will.

Let us not forget also the powerful cruel white-collar criminals, that on behalf of the Head of the Angolan Government, have delegated the death orders and so much other heinous crimes.

The deliberate and premeditated murders of Ricardo de Melo, Nfulupinga Nlandu Victor, Adam Kamulingue and Isaiah Chakravarthi, engineer Antonio Baker Brito,

Manuel de Carvalho Hilbert Ganga, the “genocide” of Mount Sumi in the province of Huambo, etc., have been perpetrated by death squads still under the control of this caste of criminals sponsored by Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic.

If we have to blame Eduardo dos Santos and all his cronies for all crimes committed during the past 39 years, starting from 1977 to the present, through the ballot box – is a step of fatal risk with serious consequences for our political, economic and social stability.

And if we really want to promote and reinforce the Angolan civil society, through its civic engagement in decision-making about the future of the country, the urgent convening of a national conference attended by all our stakeholders would be a more balanced bet. …

Because the fate of Angola regards to any of its citizens, regardless of their ethnic origin, race, gender, political ideology, religious belief, etc.

This Conference should ensure and shaping our respective ambitions – heal all our sorrows and wounds, discussing the terms of compulsive and immediate reform of José Eduardo dos Santos, establishment of a National Reconciliation Commission, creation of a transitional Government, and the municipal elections and legislative markup, etc.

The choice is ours!

Prof. Ngola Kiluange (Serafim de Oliveira)

Washington D C

Author: angolatransparency

-Impulsionar os cidadãos angolanos a questionarem como o erário público é gerido e terem a capacidade de responsabilizar os seus maus gestores de acordo com os princípios estabelecidos na Constituição da República --Boost the Angolan citizens to question how the public money is managed and have the ability to blame their bad managers in accordance with the principles laid down in the Constitution of the Republic-------------- Prof. N'gola Kiluange (Serafim de Oliveira)

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