Angola: a Russian-Chinese mafia, a dictatorial regime and a threat to our fragile social stability

72313886Angola: a Russian-Chinese mafia, a dictatorial regime and a threat to our fragile social stability
By Prof.N’gola Kiluange
Washington D.C – The recent revelations of embezzlement of the public purse, systematic and serious abuses of human rights by our ‘ ruling elite ‘ forces us to question its civic integrity (deontological ethics) and mental functionality.
Set a beggar on horseback and he will ride to hell”, so dictates popular adage!
It is precisely this treacle that José Eduardo dos Santos and his closest cronies have “used as bait” to entice a certain part of our new generation to be active or passive accomplice of horrific crimes committed in or out of Angola.
It turns out that many of these children are conniving of the victims or perpetrators of the bloody May 27, 1977 and many other genocides in our society.
They are associated with the services of our counterintelligence, selected and carefully controlled by the Civil Office of the Presidency.
However, it would be appropriate here if we had in mind the opportunities offered for Eduardo dos Santos to resolve peacefully several “political differences” with his main rivals.
Unfortunately, many of these disagreements had ruthless and cruel outcomes. And in most cases, the exacerbation of the act of extreme intolerance of the Head of State attended to two factors: silence the dissenting voice within and outside the ruling party (MPLA) and satisfy the whims of the Russian-Chinese mafia.
And the bad faith in all this is that Dos Santos financially profited during and after our civil war, as evidenced in Angolagate (case of arms sales to Angola) and many others!
If we were living in a civil society of right, today José Eduardo dos Santos would never have a disorderly licentiousness to be still able to:
1.) Plunge the country into a war by proxy if the desire to be replaced by his own son is not implemented.
2. Have the daring ease to embezzle our State treasury.
3. Tampering economic reports and secret agreements with foreign state or private entities.
4. Grossly falsify the election results to his pleasure.
5. Marginalize consistently popular broad participation in decisions of public interest, etc.
6. Have the ability to distort a national multi-ethnolinguistics harmonic coexistence constantly terrified under the force of arms and psychological intimidation.
7. Get in using social relations, and ethnic-racial as a mechanism to be able to manipulate and control a certain layer of the population through deceptive and attractive political and economic stimuli.
8. Be able to shape the thinking more naïve of our society to the point of making it submissive through acculturation of the cult of personality.
9. Be able to create with national and foreign dignitaries shell companies financed by funds from the national safe.
10. Have possession and control of operating death squads at the national level through third parties.
11. Being able to have the audacity to intimidate or physically eliminate his opponents abroad, according to their respective
places of residences.
12. Having the chance to manipulate and corrupt in his favor the decisions taken by the African Union (AU ).
13. Take action and get away from all his evil actions without any legal and criminal liability.
Truth be told here ,the President of the Republic only manages to keep such unlimited powers in his hands thanks to the affiliation and exclusive protection of the Chinese-Russian mafia, in special.
It is, nevertheless, legitimate and civic we preoccupy ourselves here with the sovereignty and integrity of this country … because naturally that the favors of this mob have its restrictions and risks!
The following 88 Queensway Group affiliated companies of Sam Pa (Xu Jinghua), created with resources from our state budget, have served as a hiding place and embezzlement of revenues from the national exchequer:
China Sonangol Finance International Ltd.,China Sonangol Gas International Ltd.,China Sonangol International Ltd.,China Sonangol International Holding Ltd.,China Sonangol Natural Resources International Ltd., China Sonangol International Investment Ltd., China Sonangol Natural Resources International Ltd.,Sonangol Sinopec International Ltd, China Endiama International Limited, China Sonangol Singapore, China Sonangol Shanghai Petroleum Co ltd, China Sonangol Wall Street,
China Sonangol International Airlines, Endiama China International Holding Ltd,etc.
The recent arrest of Sam Pa, one of the major intermediaries in business between Angola and China, under suspicion of illicit enrichment through the Chinese petrochemical company Sinopec, feeds increasingly suspicion that his multi-billion-dollar company 88 Queensway Group continues to benefit from protection of untouchables men within the Chinese Communist Party.
The business of Pa firms with President Jose Eduardo dos Santos in our financial market, real estate, oil, diamond and the granting of loan from the China International Fund Limited to the Angolan Government is unequivocal result of the operation of the Chinese mafia in our country.
While the Russian mafia ensures that Lev Leviev Avnerovich and the Russian diamond company Alrosa control and marketing on our behalf all diamonds and other minerals produced in Angola.
However, the entry of Petrobras and Odebrecht in all our markets always obeyed a pernicious Brazilian mafia’s corporate strategy rooted in vulnerable Angolans.
There’s no question here that the mafia operative support in our society is essential to the existence of the regime in power.
The less you talk about efficient management of our public purse, fiscal transparency, criminality, civil liability, equitable distribution of income, power-sharing, etc., more protected will be the President of the Republic by this mob scattered in all structures of our country.
On the other hand, question and openly discussing the public positions filled by children of Eduardo dos Santos is to expose the continuation of shameful and petulant corruption reigning in our State apparatus , because either one of them is involved in crimes of embezzlement, nepotism, favoritism, graft, fraud, etc.
The leader of the MPLA and his party lost the moral and civic dignity of continuing in the government of Angola because of having assumed with the international mafia promises irreconcilable and foreign to the will of the Angolans!
We still have to know the power this mob has within our political state apparatus to be certain and aware of the molds of negotiations leading to the compulsive retirement of José Eduardo dos Santos, setting up a Committee of conciliation and national inclusion, formation of a National Transitional Government with the participation of all stakeholders in the country, credible and transparent elections , etc.
Allow the president of MPLA make a setback of the appointment of a new American chief executive and the development of international events, then condition the realization of our general elections in 2016, it is very risky and dangerous.
Acting thus we would be giving rise to Eduardo dos Santos’ regime to repress at his own convenience strong and future challenges on the endemic corruption , poor governance , widespread poverty, inequality, impunity , excessive human rights abuses , etc.
Prof.N’gola Kiluange
( Serafim de Oliveira)
Washington D.C

Author: angolatransparency

-Impulsionar os cidadãos angolanos a questionarem como o erário público é gerido e terem a capacidade de responsabilizar os seus maus gestores de acordo com os princípios estabelecidos na Constituição da República --Boost the Angolan citizens to question how the public money is managed and have the ability to blame their bad managers in accordance with the principles laid down in the Constitution of the Republic-------------- Prof. N'gola Kiluange (Serafim de Oliveira)

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